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    Hi, i recently found abondened kitten. He is now living with me for almost 2 weeks. He’s very small, but i think he’s 4 weeks already.

    2 days ago, he pooped a lot. But then he didn’t poop anymore until just right this second. I started giving him a little bit of can wet food yesterday, i think because of that, his stomach got bloated.

    So the problem is, i know he was constipated for almost 2 days. After he pooped (finally!!), his stomach still bloated. What should i do?



    Just keep doing what you are doing….add a little of the wet food in with the formula to make a gruel, unless he is actually eating solid food, but keep giving him formula. After every meal keep stimulating him to pee and poop–he may be older than you think especially if he is a runt, or was lacking in nutrition before you got him.

    Bottle Babies


    Not sure what’s wrong. Kudos to you for help the kitten. Could be something it ate or got into. I would take it to a vet or No Kill shelter for animals.



    Wow that’s helps a lot! Thank you so much


    Glad I helped. Can’t wait to find out how things go and what is wrong with the poor little kitten.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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