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    Leah Walters

    Hello everyone,

    I’m new to this site and have been looking for resources since my cat was recently diagnosed as FeLV+. She came back “faintly positive” on the SNAP and positive on the ELISA, but there has been no secondary testing (the IFA) to confirm the ELISA. My vet said there may be a chance of her working the virus out of her blood stream, as she tested negative about a year or so ago, and she is around the age 3-5 (rescued by shelter young and vets haven’t give me a solid answer on her age yet!), so she has a retest in a month and half time.

    She is currently on F-lysine right now, but my question was is there anything else that I can do to support her immune system (such as supplements, diet changes, house arrangements) to give her the best chance to kick the virus if there is one? I read on some forum that Buttons, a member, had a mix of amino acids and such that she had tried and was wondering what that was as well!

    I am willing to try anything to hopefully see her test results turn around soon, but also anything to help promote her health for as long as I can if the FeLV test result is here to stay!

    Thank you for your time!



    I’m a big fan of lysine; my cats get it every day.
    Sending up a bat signal for Buttons to stop in.



    Hi Leah 🙂

    I’m glad to see your vet will be retesting ! too many just that te first snap test as a definite positive test and that is not always correct.. it takes 2-4 weeks for the virus to full take hold or be eliminated from the body..

    also great to hear you’ve given her L-Lysine. I but the human grade form in freefo capsules and Give 500mg twice daily when treating my cats.. I’ve had some positive results when adding vitamin mega-C plus (500mg daily) &
    D-Mannose (500mg daily should always be used when giving vitamin C over a prolonged period) also religious worming schedule no contact with other cats (6 months) if possible unless you know that that are negative of viruses and also very important is NO dry food ! at all! only high protein wet food with as little grain as possible or grain free..
    this helped my boy Buttons and it also helped my FIV boy Bob when they were alive… and it’s helped other ailments in other cats all around the world now 🙂

    one other slim possibility is that the FeLV virus can (for want of a better word) Hide in the cats bone marrow and not show in any tests at all! this happened with my boy Bob.. it can lay dormant for years and then for no known reason rear its ugly head.. but this is rare… I hope she retests negative and being that she’s 3-5 she has a good chance of eliminating it from her system it’s normally kittens and cats under two that can’t clear it from their system as their immunity just isn’t strong enough yet so no matter what if I get any kitten health or otherwise I get them straight on L-Lysine..


    Leah Walters

    Thank you @JerseyJoan and @buttons!

    Thank you for all the advice and recommendations Buttons! I appreciate all the information and I will take to using that on my kit now. I am hoping luck is on our side and she’ll clear it but all these health tips will give her a leg up!

    Best wishes!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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