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    Hi everyone!

    I have a 7 week (almost 8 week) old kitten that I recently rescued quite unexpectedly. She was separated from her family and feral (as far as I know) and was being dragged under a car — I had to run into traffic to save her. There would have been no other situation in which I would have gotten a kitten at this point of my life, since my apartment is rather small and I work full time, other than a desperate need to be rescued: you might say she found me!

    I was worried about her as she had a rough few days and was slightly injured, but a few vet visits, some food, water, warm bedding and some cuddles later she is doing great. She has all of the normal mischievous kitten behaviors; climbing into places she shouldn’t, running around late at night, scratching at things, running after anything that moves (or doesn’t move), and now she’s graduated to playing in her litter box (much to my exasperation 😆 ) She is also incredibly sweet and we have lots of cuddle time.

    I work during the day full time, and leave the apartment around 7am and don’t return until about 6pm. When I am home she gets lots and lots of attention, but I do have to leave her alone for a while. I live with my girlfriend who also works the same hours. The first week I brought her home I was able to get away with working from home in order to nurse her back to health, but now that I’ve gone back to work, I’ve had to leave her alone. We shut her in the bedroom (which we have kitten proofed by unplugging any wires, closing the closet and removing anything she could harm herself with) during the day with lots of food (which I believe she eats right away; she has a huge appetite), water, her litter box, her bed, her carrier (she likes playing in it), a few toys, and a scratching post / cat hammock that she also enjoys climbing and playing with. I also have been leaving the radio on for her so she doesn’t feel completely alone. But I do worry that she gets bored. Does anyone have any advice?

    Unfortunately I absolutely cannot get another cat; my apartment is too small, and our hands are already full with her. We are planning on moving into a bigger place within a few years and then we can consider that, but right now it’s not an option, so any other suggestions are welcome.

    I was looking into getting one of those Petcams in which you can play with them using a laser during the day — does anyone here have those, and, if so, how do you like them?




    Thanks for rescuing the wee kittah. Without you, she surely would have died. I’m of the school that 2 kittens aren’t anymore difficult than one because they entertain each other. I live in a 750 sq.ft. house and have 3 kits…just saying. Please don’t think of this as criticism. You make choices based on your life.

    So here’s some information on how to entertain single kittens.

    Keeping kittens entertained

    I’m sure other TDKers will check in with more information.

    Good luck



    Hi pussigato,

    Thanks for the thread; I’ll definitely read up. I’ve already ordered a few more toys for her from chewy, one of which being the little turbo saucer cat scratcher with a ball they can bat around on the outside. She has a plushie that she absolutely loves biting and pouncing on. She luckily is great in her carrier, which we introduced to her as soon as possible, and runs in and out of it on her own to play.

    I know a second kitten is always best, but even if I could, I don’t think I could get my girlfriend to agree, lol. We also are not sure we’re even allowed to HAVE cats in our apartment building, so I think two would be pushing it.

    In any case, I do want her to get properly socialized with other cats while she’s young. My family has always had cats while I was growing up, and they were never properly socialized because they were all indoor-only cats and were adopted as single cats. Whenever we brought a new kitten in, the other existing cats hated them. I don’t want this to be the case with my Celeste, but I am at a bit of a loss. It’s a tough situation… sigh. But I do love her very much, and am very happy she came into my life. I want her to have the happiest one possible so I’m trying to make it work as best as I can with my own lifestyle, especially with how unexpectedly this happened.



    Yes, congratulations on your new baby! Cats are very territorial in their domain, and tend to put up quite a fuss when bringing in new ones, and it seems to be the females who put up the most fuss. But don’t worry about it, Celeste is lucky to be alive and have you to care for her and your apartment will be more than enough for one cat. If you have a window in your bedroom, a cat tree or something that she can get up on to look outside is so entertaining for cats. They can watch people, cars, birds and other animals and it entertains them for hours!



    Thanks kittyzee! Great idea! I do have a window in my bedroom — my only concern is the drapes. She likes climbing things so I don’t want her to get stuck on those while I’m gone. I think I’ll take them down for a while while she’s still in her mischievous phase and give her access to the window. Thank you for the idea.



    Ha! I haven’t had drapes for years – make that decades. Though not all my cats have been interested in them. Bless you for saving that wee baby, by the way.

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