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    Some people just make me want to slap them & then slap them some more. The residents in this park don’t seem to have a clue as to how to care for their cats. The cats spend more time in other’s yards than their own. I also observed that most of them that neglect their animals also neglect their kids. They run around like banchees acting rude & oblivious to things around them. I got really pi**ed at the whole lot of them bcuz once again 2 kits running around decided they were going to duke it out on my front porch. Nothing worse than the sound of a cat fight. I went out to see them rumbling w/big puffs of cat hair flying. Took my double-headed de-webber & smacked the trouble-maker’s butt & it didn’t faze him. Had to use brute force on him (it hurt me more than him to have to get rough) but he just didn’t want to let go of the other kit. When they did finally break…at least 15 huge balls of white fluff from the white w/splotched colors kitty were all over. The poor thing is out their hurting pretty good right now wherever it ran to. The owners of the kit are total idiots w/reckless kids & reckless behavior. If I didn’t have so much on my place I would literally steal that cat & find a new home for it. I just have too much going on. All I can do at the time is fantasize slapping the he** out of every one of them & then calling animal control on them. Gotta go. Have to re-apply for B.A.R. assistance for my truck. It’s still not passing smog & the eligibility claim expired. My stinking life sucks. Hugs to you all!!



    Loading up my Whack-bonk stick should the need arise again to hand out some education to cats and humans. You did all you could and if your de-webber is like mine it wouldn’t have hurt the cat.



    Funny you should mention ‘Whack Bonk’ MS. My de-webber is the same color as my whack bonk…Green. What’s stranger is the orangie (bully of the 2) is the same cat that the crazy cat lady & myself saved from sure death yrs. ago. He fell into the treatment pond the park has here. A death trap w/steep sides covered w/thick plastic. Once they fall in they can’t get out. The owners erected a chain link fence but they know nothing about animals & how they can climb over or under them. We’ve seen plenty of victims. Young opossums & raccoons. And at least 3 kit cats (2 belonging to crazy cat lady). So it’s hard to get too mad at the orangie when he’s survived so much over the yrs. His mentality has grown to be…what’s mine is mine & what’s yours is mine. So any whack bonk sticks are welcome in this neighborhood. Have a nice evening MS. If I recall right it’s getting to be night time for you on your side of the pond.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Oh I remember you saving that orangie, well he seems just full of himself now big bully boy that he is.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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