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    Ok, so Jersey Jill is not a member of TDK, but she’s my sister so it’s an honorary thing.
    Jill has been fostering for quite a while, and with a grandbaby on the way, mentioned that this foster kitten may be the last, at least for now.
    “She was born in a barn. Her 4 brothers were much bigger at about 4 weeks. She would get into the litter box but couldn’t get out. She was the last to the food. She was showing early signs of cerebellum hyperplasia. Her head was growing but not her body. We were giving her sub q fluids for several weeks. One day she would be good then for several days she would be on her side. We had been saying goodbye for over a week and each morning she would be sitting up waiting for me. Tried to keep hope she would survive. Yesterday and last night she didn’t respond at all. I had to make a tough decision this morning. Tonight she sent me a rainbow.”
    After all the storms on Saturday, a rainbow appeared. I saw the same rainbow.
    Her name was Nora. She was a pretty tabby kitten. Run and play with the kitten pack, Nora.
    * * *
    That night I dreamed of a lot of cats. Wee kittens and full grown cats living in a field. Jill was trying to save the babies and I was caring for the grown ups. Most lived but a few did not, including a tiny tabby.



    JJ, please let Jill know how very sorry I am for Miss Nora’s leaving her for now. 😥 This is surely the hardest part of fostering. For the zillions of kitties that she saves, there are those that just don’t make it, and the heartbreak must be tremendous. Yet this does not dissuade her. I admire her for all that she does for these kits. KJ



    Wee Nora had the most loving meowmy. This is decision we’ve all had to make but it’s never easy. She had a special welcome crossing the Rainbow Bridge and is romping and stomping in the meadow. My thoughts are with you Jersey Jill.



    JJ, Nora fought hard to be healthy and stay with Jill but it wasn’t to be. 😥
    She had lots of love and can tell all the other cats over the Rainbow all about her Meowmy and how hard she fought to give her a good life.



    oh no 🙁 send my prayers and thoughts to your sister … it’s heartbreaking when something like this happens . and we try so hard 🙁 by your description the first thing that came to mind was actually hydrocephalus .. I can cause some of the same symptoms as CH but depending on the severity prognosis isn’t good … RIP little one


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    RIP little Nora, scritches and pets for the others and hugs for your sis, Jersey Jill. Fostering is a hard thing to do and not all are called upon to help the fosters to thrive and live good lives. Little Nora was just needed elsewhere, may she be playing now in the kitten field in the Meadow.



    RIP, little Nora. Blessings to Jill for caring for her.



    Aw, sending purry thoughts & condolences on special kitty’s passing.
    rainbow bridge & kitty
    Sometimes our purries leave us way too soon. Nora is now part of the purry kitten pack & will wait for Jill until Heaven meets Earth…



    Oh what a heartbreaking thing to happen. Little Nora is at peace now and not struggling anymore. That doesn’t make it any easier for the rescuer. May your sister’s heart be mended by the many thoughts and prayers for her and for little Nora. The heart of a rescuer is strong~~made that way by the many criss-cross scars of lost loves along the way holding it together. (((Jill)))

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