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    So Peanut and Tiny (we’ve renamed him!) have been doing great in comparison to my first pleas for help when they were just under 4 weeks old! But lately (they’re now almost 4 months old) they seem to refuse to really eat anything and I’m pretty sure they’ve got the runs, they’re still active and they’ll pick on their food but throught the span of a day they’ll maybe go through about a can and a half or so? They’re extremely finicky and I was wondering if maybe there’s a certain brand of food that would get their appetite back up? I’m worried that they’ll get sick! Any advice?



    There are so many foods out there these days, it’s hard to decide which one. I am feeding Sheba perfect portions pate style to my kitten. It’s very fine pate with juice and it comes in these little double packets that are perfect for kittens and cats without having to refrigerate unused portions.



    My week and a half old bottle kitten had diarrhea and now his butt is raw. What can i use on it to soothe it?



    @linda I gently suggest you start your own thread, so we can respond to you without derailing Evelyn’s.

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