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    Every day, animals are abandoned, dependent on charities and goodwill. These organizations are strained beyond coping, and are desperate to raise awareness of the plight of homeless and abandoned animals. The International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) began International Homeless Animals’ Day in 1992. Since that time, ISAR’s Observances have consistently grown in number. They bring people all over the world together to shed light on pet overpopulation and the spay/neuter solution. The special day is celebrated in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, in over 50 countries and on 6 continents. Best Friends Society, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, RESCUE Animals IRELAND, PetRescue New Zealand or thousands of other homeless animal charities rescue and care for homeless animals. They have millions of volunteers to do so many tasks to help them do what they do best Worldwide.

    What to do:
    Host a pet food drive at your school, church or business and donate the proceeds to one of Pets of the Homeless Pet Food Providers, Spread the Word via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or word of mouth, Volunteer.

    Lists of worldwide animal charities:

    Success stories:

    I literally made myself sick reading stories and looking at images of homeless pets. I chose to emphasize the positive of this so very important topic. Let’s all do what we can-no matter how small it is appreciated. I apologize if I offended anyone.

    My gang is sleeping the peace of having a furever home. Let’s strive for all cats to sleep like these two buddies!

    Good night and have a happy~



    Good morning! Sweet pics, PG. That blonde kitty all sprawled out in the last pic looks like Leo. He likes to sprawl. :).

    Joan, glad to see you had a nice anniversary dinner with your hubby last night. I agree about good sevice…it can really make the dining experience.



    Awww, I love the theme and pics today! So squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeable!

    Last night for date night, Mr. AV and I went to a Japanese hibachi restaurant (my fav) ….. SO much food, I think we have enough leftovers for a whole other meal tonite! they even gave me some of the pink sauce to go 🙂
    Son flies home from Israel tonight, and Dau and SIL are hiking around Niagra Falls ….. it will be a quiet weekend for me.
    Dau had me try Abby on Dude’s new favorite flood from FF – tuna florentine and now she’s HOOKED! …. loved the creamy gravy …. only thing is, it’s $$ …. we’ll see if I can find it on sale …..
    relaxing today, have a great Caturday all!



    Good morning – guess the JJ crew are the poster kitties for homeless cats. They are also proof that homeless cats don’t have to be throwaways, ferals, sick or mean. With love (and food of course!) they have become very sweet. Neighbor fed them and opened her home to them but was too frail to pick them up and play with them. They loved her lap though, and piling up on her on cold winter nights! So I picked up with the play and making sure food and water was fresh and clean every day.
    I enjoy hibachi restaurants. We don’t go often because the only one around is down the valley and we don’t think to go to restaurants that aren’t up on the mountain. Oooh, tuna and Florentine, I can see how it is Dude’s new favorite food and a great treat for Abby!



    Lol…got Abby hooked on the good stuff. Her cousin Dude has helped her in ways she doesn’t even know.

    Joan, I’m not sure your outdoor crew can be considered homeless anymore. :).



    yeah, I’m with EC …. not sure the JJ crew is really ‘homeless’ anymore … thanks to Auntie Joan 🙂
    I ran a million errands today, I haz a tired! ….. but I did manage to squeeze a pedi in betwixt the chores ……. ah!
    Making a new recipe tomorrow, Rhode Island Clear Chowder …. got some fresh seafood, looking forward to it!


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Just breaks my heart with homeless animals, this video was a tissue alert.

    Well all I have done today, is swim in a friend’s pool, nice break.



    Yay for the swim, Deb! Glad to see you, hope the head is behaving!
    Son is flying over the north pole again, due to land in san fran tmrw am.
    Dau and SIL are back from Canada side of Niagara, so all is good …. see ya’ll on the flip!



    Waving madly at Deb. It sounds like a wonderful day in the pool.

    I flew over the North Pole once. I earned my “blue nose.” Glad Dau and SIL are getting home.



    PG, great theme and article. You haven’t offended anyone, certainly not me.
    JH, if anyone is helping the (not-so-) homeless it’s you! Sounds like you had a fun celebration.
    (Tried to) rest today … hmmm. Discovered that A/C guy will not be back ’til Mon, Better yet his BIL informs me that guy knows nada about mould! Well at very least I found this out before paying for him to come for service call! 🙁 Call to landlord in Greece slated for tomorrow to come up with plan. Rsch tells me that peeps who source out mould should not be same peeps who get rid of it! I don’t want my place looking like “Murphy Brown” with repair peep on hand all the time! Plus asking around for recommendations of good peeps. This week should see some resolution so that I can deal with this week’s way more stressful stress. Sorry for venting but I’ve just about had enough with all this.
    Plus arr that N. as friend/Hazel will be on hand when new washer comes next wknd. She has the smarts as to how to shut off tap etc., which I don’t. And we will be able to clean out area prior to installation and prob even pull out and clean behind dryer. Plus she helps me keep it together. We just spent like 2.5 hrs on phone doing online shopping for her, with me a pseudo-stylist LOL.
    OK I need more sleep. Nite all!

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