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    Good Morning to my TDK family. I need your help. Last night I was speaking with my very good friend Molly and thought maybe we could help her.

    She has been with her husband for more than 5 yrs., married for 5 weeks and already he has left her. Why, because he prefers the company of a teenager! He denies it, but if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, etc., It’s a DUCK! She has finally decieded to get the proper authorities involved but she is going to need all of the support she can get right now to deal with this mess. I know from my own experiance with the TDK white light that it really does work and you actually can feel all of the support from all of the wonderful people on this site. So, can we help her? Please send all of your prayers and support to Molly so that she can stand up and do what she has to do.

    Thank you TDK family for all of your support and prayers. Molly is a great person and she really could use the help. I knew I could count on you!


    Jo in Blairsville

    Consider it done. Prayers for Molly to be lifted up into the loving, healing light.


    Lots of love, hugs, purrs, gentle headbonks, and sandpaper kisses (from TigerButt) to Molly. May God grant her strength and peace. Love Terri



    Prayers,support and gentle white light for Molly.


    all the positive energy I can muster to Molly


    KYKAT 12 23

    Add mine. Positive thoughts for strength, healing and comfort to Molly. (and a good lawyer)



    God bless her and give her strength to do what she has to do.


    2 Popoki

    Positive energy coming her way…. such a sad situation.



    Healing white light, gentle nudges and sandpaper kisses to Molly! You WILL manage!



    Lots of positive thoughts for Molly from me and Bob.



    debsterwiz…Your a great friend for being there for Molly during such a painful experience. Sending gentle Hugs & healing strength for Molly …and of course a hex of bad Karma for the two-legged dog that did this to her


    Rubia in CA, 4/28

    Sending hugs and lots of positive energy to Molly!



    Molly is in my prayers. I will start the St Joseph novena for her tomorrow morning, and please tell her to pray and hope, and not to worry. She is not alone, and thank heavens you are there for her!



    Debsterwiz, what a good friend you are! Good thoughts, powerful healing energy as well as purrs and huggs to Molly. Hang in there Molly, you have the powerful force of the TDK family with you.



    Oh, you guys are the best! I knew I could count on all of you. I’m going to print out the transcript of this topic and give it to her tonight so she can see all of the support she has from all over the world.

    Hugs and much love to you all!


    Lynn from PA 6/8

    Debsterwiz, I send my prayers and best wishes for your friend Molly, hoping that she will have peace of mind very soon. Surrounding you both with the healing white light. Love, hugs and purrs, Lynn



    Prayers and positive vibes for your friend Molly – and Pickle’s miaowing her support too! xx


    2 Popoki

    MCW — how are things with your mum’s surgery???



    See new thread!



    Thank God for the Molly’s who stand against the pedophiles and stop their predation on the innocent.

    May she have comfort and healing. May she never waver in the certainty of her righteousness.

    May any who oppose or question her stance reap the whirlwind they richly deserve.

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