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    Hey everyone, I’m new to this website. I wanted to use this site because people truly seem to care about your needs here. So, here’s my situation: about 5 days ago I stayed home from school because a I was sick. My mom and I kept hearing a sound from outside over and over again for about four hours and I knew it was a kitten but she thought it was a bird. Well, after searching and searching, I found a baby kitten whose eyes had not been opened yet. He was in a box on the back porch sandwiched between two wet pillows while it was raining. The baby was helpless. He was all by his self. I waited for another good two hours outside to see if a momma car would come around, but no sign of one and this kitten just kept crying. I took him inside and Googled what to do(you wouldn’t believe all the information I’ve taken in in the past few days, last week I didn’t even know a kitten couldn’t eliminate waste on its own). My mom bought kitten milk replacer, a little bed, a bottle, and a heating pad. I checked him for fleas and it was a nice surprise to find none. My mom never said I couldn’t keep him.. So his name is Binks. So far, Binks has been completely under my control and I have been doing everything the lovely cat people of the Internet suggest. I do have a few concerns/questions.

    In the entire time I have had Binks(5 days), he has not defecated at all. His anus is always slightly protruding outward like he needs to, but he won’t. I have been stimulating him before and after each feeding, which is every three hours. He urinates just fine, the urine at first was yellow but today it has been pale yellow/clear. I stimulate him with either a warm wet washcloth or warm damp toilet paper. Nothing happens except urination.

    Secondly, my baby Binks whines and meows a cries A LOT. The only things that make him stop crying are a full tummy of milk and/or his bed with the heating pad. I’m just wondering if he is in pain or something?

    Thirdly, I want to ask if he is teething. He often sucks or chews on my pinky finger and I can feel the little bumps of his teeth coming in. Does that cause him any pain and if so is chewing my pinky helping?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I just want my kit kat to be healthy:)



    Binks may be crying out of lonliness. Kittens thrive on love and attention. I almost always put a cuddly stuffed animal and an analog clock in with my kits. The ticking clock helps soothe them. He may also be crying due to discomfort from being bloated. He should most definitely see a vet to help assess his digestive issues. We here at tdk always recommend trying goats milk for newborns. Kmr can cause constipation, and I’d be uncomfortable with him not pooping for 5 days. Add extra water to his formula for a while until he can pass stool properly. Try other things to stimulate his anus like a paper towel or wash cloth, that may be closer to a cats tongue. Also be sure he is being burped after meals, as excess air can be uncomfortable to babies. He should have a heating pad on constantly. And only on half of his bed area so he can move on and off the heat.

    Chewing on your finger is normal too. He is looking for a nipple. Try feeding him less, but more often to comfort him and help his lil tummy.



    Thank you for rescuing this wee kitty Avery. Cute name.
    Links to good kitten-raising sites:

    Here is an excellent thread

    Chaos’ Guide to Constipation

    We swear by goat’s milk for kittens here on TDK for anyone who has been faced with constipation in their kittens from the powdered KMR, or diarrhea from the liquid kind. Diarrhea can be deadly in kittens, and the constipation a constant worry — is there a blockage, stool too hard, give an enema or not, etc. The goat’s milk is natural, cheaper, and full of good gut flora and l-lysine–an amino acid that is very helpful for kittens and cats in general. KMR usually causes diarrhea or constipation. You can find goat’s milk in the refrigerated section of the grocery store with the regular milk or in the baking aisle in cans. The canned is condensed so add water 1 to 1. You can mix up a can with the water and store it in the fridge then use what is needed at the feedings. Goat’s milk is digested easier by the kittens and doesn’t cause the constipation that KMR does.



    Hi Avery,

    Welcome to TDKland. We are the fluffiest feline blog around!

    I, too, am concerned about wee Binks not pooping for 5 days. Start him on some Goats’ milk for the above reasons. Put a bit of olive oil in his milk to help with a bowel movement. Put a bit of neosporin or vaseline on his anus so he doesn’t get raw. Do call a vet. and find out if they can do something, purrhaps an enema. I normally don’t recommend an enema but in wee Binks case I think he may need it. Do not be surprised if the vet. hasn’t heard of Goats’ milk for kittens.

    And yes, wee Binks is lonely. He’s alone and needs a companion. As Chaos said get him a soft toy for him to snuggle with and the clock mimics fur mom’s heartbeat and will calm him. Do make sure the alarm is OFF.

    Good luck

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