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    I need to find some more good books to read that are very interesting and I told you i will reccomend some so here are my top five…

    1. House by frank Peretti and Ted Dekker

    2. Glass by Ellen Hopkins

    3. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

    4. Crank by Ellen Hopkins

    5. Twilight Series by Stephanie Myeres



    have u read HOST by stephanie meyer! warning tho it took me a while to get into it as it has a bit of a slow start but stick with it cos its ace!


    KYKAT 12 23

    I just finished “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown and enjoyed it. Also love the Diana Gabaldon “Outlander” series of books.



    under the tuscan sun



    A child called it

    a man named dave

    (both by dave pelzer)

    mommy’s little angel

    and thats all i got for now all three are very interesting. they are in the true crime genre so if you like that genre they are a must. however, they are all very tearfilled books have napkins ready.



    my sisters keeper (have tissues at the ready)



    the entire series of “the Sword of Truth”!… AWESOME!…. these are the series that the TV shows “Legends of the Seeker” (filmed in NZ) were based on!… great SCI-Fantisy!…. Love them!



    wow, I completely forgot about books this summer…Okay, some have read it and it is not for everyone but I loved The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier…great read



    I like the book Sabrina. Its about a cat and her life.



    The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (one of my favorite books of ALL time)

    The Last Child

    The Thirteenth Tale


    I absolutely love to escape into the world of books and it is hard for me to pick a select few, but these are all amazing!



    Some of of my very favorites are:

    PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

    Three Wishes by Barbara Delinsky

    The Mirror by Marlys Millhiser



    A child called it


    The lost boy


    A man named Dave all by Dave Pelzer are by FAR my fav!

    Another great one is The Lost Years by Kristina ( something? ) idk

    I love real life true stories and these 4 books are about the authors life and definently VERY VERY GOOD and touching!



    out of the books you chose i would chooses the twilight series and if you like that then i would reccomend the night world series. i am currently reading them now and they are awsome. the night world series is by a woman called l.j.smith



    Homer’s Odyssey



    the one about the blind cat?



    Homer is the blind cat – it’s a really good read!

    Check out the TDK book club section – you can get more ideas. There are several discussions on books we read as a virtual group, so you can get more info on the books. (By the way, that was fun, can we do that again?)



    I apologize because I know someone on here spoke of reading a series by George R.R. Martin–A Storm of Swords I believe it is called, but I can’t remember who. There are 5 books and I downloaded them all on my Kindle. I don’t mind telling you that about 1/3 of the way through the first book I was cussin’ my rear off–didn’t think I would ever get to a place where I recognized all of the characters and how they related to each other and I spent about $40 to own them–WELL, I humbly admit I was wrong–once I got the hang of the way they were written/organized, well I can hardly put it down. Now I am GLAD that I have more to go, ’cause I couldn’t stand to let these characters go just yet. I need to know how their stories end up! This is definitely a fantasy series, so if dragons and necromancers and warring factions aren’t your thing you won’t like them, but they are superbly well written and really make your mind work to dance between the characters. Wonderful series!



    Hi i enjoy reading but here are a few of my favoutite books that i think everyone should read 1/ pappilion 2/ shantaram 3/ a mote in gods eye 4 /jonathan livingstone seagull 4/ phules company ( is an easy but enjoyable read ) 5/ the golden torc ( is a 3 part series (fantasy ))

    I really liked pappilion (shantaram is in the same style but different ) but they are all good , i hope u read pappilion though its awsome . ( the second book “banco” isnt any where near as good )



    My other fave is anything written by Maria V. Snyder, again a fantasy author, but wow! I have read everything I could find by here and often search Amazon to see if she has anything new.



    I just downloaded “War Horse” – haven’t read it.

    Last year I read and thoroughly enjoyed “Water for Elephants”

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