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    Hello my mommy cat is not feeding puff puff and Luna and the refuse to eat kitten food I have put it with formula and I have gotten canned wet food and put formula and still nothing they won’t lick it off my finger and won’t take bottle. What should I do?



    if this is their first experience of solid food they may just need to get hungry and have no choice but to eat ..

    if however this is a sudden change and they had been eating the solid food all along then may need to be seen by a vet.. A cat that doesn’t eat for a whole day is VERY concerning ..

    they should really have been experimenting eating slop (formula and wet kitten food) from 5 weeks of age so if they are 7 weeks and this is their first time it may take a bit of coaxing .. if they have good energy and are peeing and pooping normally I wouldn’t worry too much but if they haven’t eaten for more than 24 hours I recommend a vet..

    also if you haven’t wormed
    them yet they could have sick tummy from worms . make
    sure to get a gentle wormer from the vet (not a pet shop) to make sure any parasites are killed



    Buttons is right. A kitten that doesn’t eat a whole day is concerning. I would call their vet. for advice. As buttons said they may have worms. All kittens have worms and need a basic dewormer which the vet. can administer. Once the vet. gives you the all clear then you can turn to food.

    As far as eating, you could pick up some Goats’ milk. Goats’ milk is as close to mama’s milk and has lots of nutrients and probiotics. Mix the wet kitten food with Goats’ milk, making slop and feed them. Goats’ milk is low in lactose and will ease any tummy problems. Goats’ milk is in liquid form in the dairy section and the concentrate is in the baking aisle. If you use the concentrate mix it 1:1 with water.

    Good Luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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