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    I have two 3.5-year-old, male & female litter-mates that get along great. I just got a phone call asking me if I wanted two more. My brother recently found out his 7-month-old baby girl is highly allergic to cats and must get rid of his two 9-year-old male cats, which are not litter mates but have been companions for 9 years. I understand how to introduce a new cat to another or a pair but does anyone see a problem introducing these four?



    Welcome to TDKland Frank,

    I believe it’s always better to have two kits esp. if they’re littermates.

    I understand you wanting to help your brother out but it’s not fair for him to ask/expect you to take on his two cats. You have a happy family and adding two more cats will, most likely, cause chaos. OK, so that’s my opinion.

    Do you believe you can convince your kits to accept the interlopers (that’s what they see them as)? Your brothers’ cats are older and use to their own space. Do you have a room they can call their own? They need a private space where they feel safe.

    If it’s a smooth transition, good for you. However, be prepared for many catfights. Also, be aware that the older boys may start peeing to mark territory.

    Other TDKers will check in for you.




    You would do it slowly and over time, I’ll post some sites that might give you some different ideas. The two groups might night end up being the best of friends, like sleeping together, etc. but they can certainly get along and co exist in the same household. So sorry that your brother has to get rid of his established cats.

    How to Introduce a Second Cat

    Jackson Galaxy’s 6 Steps to Properly Introduce Cats



    I appreciate the feedback, suggestions and Jackson’s videos. I think I saw the supermarket questions one 3 or 4 times now. 🙂

    My brother asked me because I did offer a few months ago when this was brought up. I work from home so I could closely monitor them but I’m worried with 3 male cats, all of which neutered but still I may have a peeing problem on my hands. My female cat is spayed too. I really don’t have a space for the new cats to call their own. I mean, I have a 3 bedroom house and all 3 rooms have doors but my cats have free reign on my the house plus basement. I’ve never closed a bedroom door as to not let my cats in except maybe when a had a sofa delivered.
    I also forgot to mention my house, used to be my brothers old home, he sold it to me when he got married. His cats used to live here years ago and I’m not sure how his cats would react coming back.
    Would they remember this used to be their home or would they have forgotten? Or am I just over thinking this?

    Thanks again.



    I did just this many years ago and we had no major fights. My sister and her 2 cats came to live with me and my 2 cats. My 2 had been together all their lives but were not siblings and her situation was the same. I had a male and a female and she had two males. My male had always had a marking problem and it did increase when we first introduced the new guys but then went back to his normal levels once they acclimated. (we believe he was spayed late and the habit was set when I adopted him. ) None of the others began spraying. They all lived together for about 5 years with no major issues.



    Thanks this helps a lot and I’m 99% sure I am going to take them in.
    Ill keep you posted.

    Also, if this was posted in the wrong form sorry about that you can move it to the correct one.



    Well, since you were new here it was fine to use “Introductions”, but perhaps someone will move this topic now to “cats and kittens” as it is about cat socialisation. How are things going? Bless you for taking in the cats, and hope all goes well.



    A huge thanks to everyone here you all helped out a lot.
    I am meeting my brother next week at the vets office, he is going to have everything changed over to my name, have the vet examine them and get updated shots.



    I’m glad you got more advice and with you at home, it should go well. You could look into Feliway or Rescue Remedy for Pets.

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