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    I’ve been feeling so sad with the loss of our little kitty Boo. I found this wonderful book and it really did lift my spirits. It’s a collection of short eccentric poems written from the cat’s point of view. Please allow me to share the sample one from amazon.com:

    I Could Pee on This

    by Francesco Marciuliano

    Her new sweater doesn’t smell of me

    I could pee on that

    She’s gone out for the day and

    left her laptop on the counter

    I could pee on that

    Her new boyfriend just pushed

    my head away

    I could pee on him

    She’s ignoring me ignoring her

    I could pee everywhere

    She’s making up for it

    by putting me on her lap

    I could pee on this

    I could pee on this…

    I bought it for my kindle and read it rather quickly. It was hysterical. I found myself calling friends and family and reading the short little poems that reminded me of their own kitties.

    Thank you Francesco Marciuliano for picking up my mood!



    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Funny 🙂



    Amber, I’m so so sorry about Boo 🙁 I watched the video of him and he was just too adorable for words. From what you wrote I can tell you and & your husband did everything you possibly could for him.

    (((Amber))) I’m so sorry. I’m glad the funny kitty poems made you smile.



    That is a spectacular poem. I know just how that kitten feels. Somedays I want to pee on everything, too!!!





    Hee hee..luv the video of li’l grey/white kittens…my Diva Kit Scoot says thank you for reminder of how cute I was with little me wanna-bes 😉
    little scootie
    Li’l Scoot awhile ago…



    I love kits and never tire of their antics.

    Diva Scoot is as gorgeous as ever.



    Great little vid of wee kits with their trolley pole tails and boundless energy and curiosity.
    Scoot you are adorable with your exclamation mark down your nose.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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