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    I am in a great problem. I have a pet shop, we sell kittens and groomed cats. Cats are trained by me. When they are with me, they are obedient but many of my customers complained that they act weird in their house. One customer complained that the cat always sleeps on the cushion and pees on the clothes. And he returned back the cat. When she came back, she was fine with all instructions as before. I couldn’t find any problems with her behavior. What is her actual problem? Do I need to keep an expert trainer? Also, we are facing a huge drop in business too. I recently read an article https://www.newstylesigns.com/blog/led-signs/5-smart-ways-use-outdoor-led-signs-increase-sales/ , how the LED sign boards can increase the sales. I think it is good to place a signboard after we hire a trainer, with the trainer’s name on it.



    Hi Alice,
    I don’t really understand how a person can return a cat because of acting ‘weird’. When I read your post, it again solidified my belief that in most cases, the problem lies with the owner’s attitude and expectations and not the cat’s behavorial issue. What is wrong with a cat sleeping on a cushion? Things like providing proper litter boxes with the correct litter, placement of the box out of high traffic areas and away from nosey dogs or other critters, etc. It sometimes takes weeks to months for a cat to acclimate itself to a new environment. As long as you are providing healthy, socialized, loving cats for the general public, I don’t know how you can train them either. Unless you mean litter training. I am glad you took the cat back though, there’s not much worse in my book, than dumping a cat onto the streets to fend for itself.



    I have to agree with KZ… people need to reload when they take on a cat there are responsibilities .. most people think owning a cat means you have to do nothing or provide very little and the cat will immediately adjust and be content.. this is not the case .. to correctly care for a cat it takes a lot of patience and effort.. also you HAVE to realise the cat will not fit into your life you need to fit around a cats wants and needs.. that means putting a shelf or a scratch post somewhere that’s “in the way” Maybe as a service in your pet store you could provide a home check service before someone purchases a cat.. that way instead of taking what the customer tells you as fact you can clearly see what’s needed in the home to help the cat adjust and what is a safe environment your cats are going into.. I’m sure your a responsible breeder and home checks are too of the list for any responsible breeder I know.. people need to be educated not the cats..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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