Thursday 22-03-2018 – Wonderful – A Day Dedicated to Goofin' Off!

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    On National Goof Off Day, everything can just wait. A day best spent chillin’, along with your favourite bevvie. And favourite kitty(ies)!



    If the world only much I don’t care!

    I guess my next move is to wander the streets and see what I find for rent.

    Have a happy~

    Nighty night





    Purry psst…good Thursday morning…purrfect way to start the day ~ goofin’ off!
    cats goofy fun
    Um, but Tuxie is not amused!

    Reminder, Relax…tomorrow is doggie Friiday!
    cat dog relaxing

    Ok, time for another cuppa fave brew!
    kliban cat mug fun
    TGiThurs Cheers…back later/hopeful.



    hehehe …. cute pics today! …. I’m sort of ‘lazy’, finished my week early, so I can abscond off tomorrow with my Brother, who’s coming in tonight to stay with us for a visit πŸ˜‰ …. shenanigans could be brewing ….

    I need to take a nap this afternoon, I woke up at 5:30am, my mind reeling with a couple of deals I’m working, so I just got up …. now, I’m tired πŸ™„ I helped Son put in an offer for his first home, so we’re anxiously waiting to see if it was accepted! Beautiful old victorian style (Jcat would love it) …. just a few miles from us, so easy for me to go feed Lu and Ve when he travels. He’s excited ….
    Looks like this is our last cool day, weekend should be beautiful, then up in the 80s next week …. I’m sorry for you guys getting pounded with snow & ice, Dau says it’s been miserable the last several days …. She can’t wait to get down here April 1st and get out of the cold/wet ….

    Hope everyone is having a great Thurs …… L8R all!



    Good afternoon all. I am sorta goofin off this today. I cut my gym session short as my heart just wasn’t in it and the impending rain is giving my knees he**.
    JK, I do love the pics of coffee mugs you post, so many amazing styles and themes.
    AV, woohoo shenanigans ! ! ! Have a great time with your brother. Hoping for success for your son in purchasing his first home.
    Gee today’s Cafe is short, where is everyone?



    Great pics – love the lazy black cat! (I love black cats – what can I say?) I’d goofed off, or rather my internet had, and that’s why I hadn’t commented earlier. It’s been very slow loading (not just DK).

    MS, I hope you don’t get too much more rain! We’re still waiting for some in Melbourne, but with Cyclone Marcus heading down the west coast and Cyclone Nora about to hit the north we’ve finally got some rain forecast for the weekend. We’ll get a bit of wind but the potential for damage and most of the oomph has gone by the time it gets this far south.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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