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    Hi friends… Other than actually taking her temp, is there a way to tell if my girl has a fever? She is a bit listless and she is hot and her ears are hot. I don’t know what is “folklore” and what is reality. Her voice is kind of craggy tonight, too. She’s been doing well. She is 14 and “likely” has cancer. My regular vet is closed and I just cannot afford the ER vet. I’ve promised her I won’t let her suffer. She is not acting poorly and she did eat today. She’s sleeping but did acknowledge me when I came in. Any advice/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks much friends ~ Lainey



    Hi Lainey, sorry to hear your cat’s not herself. I’m not too sure about myth vs fact, but I do know a good tip for keeping an overheated cat cool. Take a plastic bottle, 3/4 fill with water & freeze – then wrap in a loose towel & place alongside the cat. Acts like a reverse radiator, worked wonders when Pickle had a fever during a heatwave over here last year.

    Others will have more advice about checking her temperature, keep us posted.



    It would be best to buy a digital thermometer for her but a rough measurement can be taken from ear lobes. If they feel hot to touch she may have a fever.



    If the inside of her ears are hot, she has a fever.


    Thank you, MCW, Miu and Scarver. Her ears are definitely hot. I will try the water bottle idea and for now keep the bedwarmer off. Thanks everyone. I’ll keep you posted.



    A dry nose pad is also a sign of fever and dehydration as well. If you have a syringe handy, fill it with water and feed her a drop or two at a time. She should lap the drink without encouragement and it will aleviate thirst without making her getup to drink.


    I got some water into her and she has perked up and is cooler now. Went and used her box and poked around her food. Thanks for being there for me and my Jetta girl!



    Hi Lainey, I just saw this thread. I am glad Jetta is feeling better. Poor little girl. Please give her scritches from me 🙂


    Thanks CM, you bet I will! I love this family. After losing my mom in July, who was grandma to all our babies (only fur-babies, no 2-legged kind!) who just doted and worried over them and with us, I just don’t have anyone to go to. Yeah, have my sisters, and my dad, just nobody like mom, and this group, is like my mom (okay, I’m bawling now). Gonna go shower and try to catch up on the night shift if I don’t fall asleep first. Bless you and hope Maddie is doing better, too!


    My girl is much, much better today. Guess she’s entitled to have a down day at her age, I certainly do! Her voice is back to normal, her body and ears are no longer hot, she’s playing, eating, pooping and bathing and talking my ears off. I guess I’m just extra worried because of her continuing weight loss. But as long as she exhibits those positive signs I’m a happy camper. Guess I need to try and worry a bit less. Thanks for all who responded and helped me out!



    Good to hear that, Lainey! Yeah, those down days do come! Hugs to you and Jetta!

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