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    Mimo, if you are able to buy protein powder, you can buy that and add it to any milk you are giving the kitten. Kittens need LOTS of protein. Buy a UNFLAVORED powder that contains at least 80% protein (dry weight) and lists proteins from animal sources, e.g., casein, egg albumin, etc.

    A recipe for Kitten Formula:

    2 cups whole milks (goat milk preferred)

    2 large eggs

    5 teaspoons protein powder (from animal sources)

    1/8 tsp. ground (powdered) egg shells

    1-2 days’ worth of cat vitamins (adult dosage) powdered or crushed

    100 milligrams taurine supplement (if not in cat vitamins)

    Even if you cannot get the vitamins or taurine, the rest of the recipe is worth trying.



    Thanks MOJO ..I am also trying to have goat milk ..but today again my kitty is not feeling well …not ready to take anything…in the morning vomited a bit…

    yesterday he wanted to sleep with me…but my big cat was sleeping with i did not want his sleep to disturb so I let him sleep with my brother ..but he was not happy …infact whole night he did not had good sleep ..and in the morning as a result ( I feel so ) he is not to handle both ..



    Hello Mimo, I live in India as well. I am touched by your efforts to help your little kitty. Also, I feel for your little kitty. How is he now? I can relate to you as I live in an area where there is no good vet. Which city do you live in?

    It looks like your kitten was unwell even before you found him. Sadly this is the condition of many abandoned kittens in India. Or maybe, the food you are giving your cat is not agreeing with his system. That’s why he is not retaining it. Do not give him cow’s milk at the moment. Also, please check his stools for signs of diarrhea or any blood. If so, he needs a vet.

    I have 3 cats (Pepper, Mint and Ginger) and I feed them on Whiskas, which they love. I live on the outskirts of Mumbai and Whiskas is available in a pet store(just one store) and in a single pharmacy store nearby. However, when I found them, they I had the same dilemma and anxiety as you. I started them on newborn human baby formula (Cerelax, Farex). I knew that these products weren’t formulated for cats, but I had no option. Fortunately, my cats survived. They do not drink cow’s milk even when offered, and I’ve never seen what KMR looks like.

    My 7 month old kitten, Ginger, loves boiled fish and rice. She also loves skimmed cow’s milk (Amul or Nestle Tetrapack), which I give her only occasionally. However, avoid it if your cat has diarrhea.

    I have a vet nearby, but he is not a professional. Whenever my cat’s had problems he prescribed human medicine in small doses, since cat medicine is not available. When my cat had a urinary tract infection he prescribed amoxicillin syrup (known as Mox pediatric suspension.

    Also, please keep your older cat away till this poor little kitten get’s well. Keep them in separate rooms if possible. When I introduced Ginger in the family, my older cats, Pepper and Mint would hiss and growl at her all day. After a couple of weeks they have accepted her, but Pepper still growls at her.

    So try various food combination: Farex, milk+raw egg yolk, boiled egg-yolk, boiled chicken, a little boiled fish,..whatever he can retain. Also, try giving him a few drops of Mox with a dropper only as a last resort if you suspect some infection, although I’m not sure this will work. All the best!



    Thanks Onlinebuddy, sorry for being so late in reply, as due to some repairing work in last five days in my flat I was not able to come online.

    I live in Patna. You can just imagine that if in Mumbai it is hard to find any good vet then what would be the condition here. Thanks once again to understand my situation. This small kitty is really giving very tough time as we are not able to understand his problem , from last 5 days he was doing well . But again from today morning he is dull and vomited a bit …

    The other problem is that both are inside-outside cat. Even this kitty wants to go out..I feel he lived with that boy who used to hang him on his shoulder and moved here and there…It cries if we dont let him go and the fact is that from the day we have allowed him to go out he is doing well..though today he is again dull..but it would be some other reason…I am going to try farex…he is not in this situation to eat anything hard…ya when he is happy he purr , but I felt when he is in pain or with bad health then he purr more than usual…

    Ya big cat ( Puchu) is not at all happy with this kitty…they both sleep in separate room…I wish they become frnds …

    Thanks a lot frnd !!



    Mimo, Wonder how your little boy is doing….



    Hi Buddy ,

    He is doing fine frnd..still there are many things to settle…I think the way he has been brought up by that boy is creating problem for me…he always want to go out…get up early and start crying to go out…today infact from 5 to 8 conti..he just put up his demand to go out …they way he become sad and cry , compel us to let him go out with heavy heart…I just pray to God pls make him return soon…he is not ready to take milk unless something he hunts…we have no mouse at home..but many in neighbor…as he is already habituated of doing that and enjoys too…but too small to get daily smaller one…I wish and pray to God daily he grow soon and grow strong to enjoy all his game… ya still no frndship with PUCHU…

    How are your all three naughty…their name are really very sweet…I forget to say it in my previous reply…God Bless them always



    Hi Mimo,

    My three babies are doing fine. At times Ginger and Mint dart around from one room to the other. We have to distract them in order to stop them. Overall, they bring me and my family a lot of joy. After a tough day’s work, it is good to be with our cats.

    Looks like your little one wants to be an outdoor kitten. He is exhibiting his wilder side and is not allowing you to take care of him. He is obviously feeding on something out in the open; maybe raw fish from a nearby fish market. Surprisingly, most cats in India thrive on fish and cow’s milk.

    I never fed Pepper and Mint raw fish or cow’s milk, because I read that these are bad for them. Now, they would rather stay hungry than eat fish or drink cow’s milk. My younger one, Ginger, enjoys raw fish. This is what my relatives (from where I adopted her) always fed her. She get’s super excited whenever she smells raw or boiled fish. She also loves cow’s milk. Now she is getting used to “Whiskas,” which Pepper and Mint are addicted to.

    The only problem with leaving cats outdoors is that they do not live long. They always get into fights and come home injured, like Puchu. My neighbours had a few outdoor cats. However, they did not live long because of similar problems. I never knew that cats could catch virus and infections till I joined TDK. My three cats live indoors.

    Which floor do you live on? I live on the fourth floor and my next door neighbours had cats that would go outdoors and then return back. One of their cats would even wait for someone to open the elevator door and then jump in, assuming that it would always stop on the fourth floor. Let’s hope that your new kitten will return to you and allow you to care for him. You need to figure out what it loves to eat though.

    I wonder what the TDK family has to say….



    Good morning Buddy,

    I am on 1st floor and here we are not having any lift …Puchu jumps on the boundry near by and then jump in the balcony and start mewing , thus we know that he has come ..even at night it goes out and comes after an hr sometime in the morning and sometime after 1 or two days…he is also having one girl frnd too…

    Yes , this smaller one unique one…u wont blv today he is not ready to take anything..which is really distrbing me..I think he is not able to hunt anything …I offered egg , milk …nothing…ya it returns to me…I dont know how he manage too…two days back I saw him at roof of one of my neighbor nearby ..I was amazed how he was able to go there , it annoyed me too…I left seeing him , after half an hr seeing him in my balcony…I agree outdoor cats have danger…but I have no choice…My mother is pure veg… so I have to manage them in my limited choice and ofcourse God Blessings too…this kitty is really giving me hard time…I sometime cry when I see him in trouble…the love and faith that it shows for me, I really have not enough to give him in return…

    Puchu was hardly 5 or 6 days old when I found him ..but it was not difficult for me , he used to eat whatever I used to give…but my kitty is really taking my very tough test !!!

    Love to all three sweeties..



    Mimo, Puchu is a smart cat. Looks like he has already found a Valentines Day date.

    I adopted Pepper and Mint when they were about a week old, just before they would be abandoned at the local fish market. They could barely walk, and their ears were folded. We bottle-fed both of them till they could eat solid food.

    About your little one, I’m sure he’s being fed by someone somewhere, or else he wouldn’t survive. Or maybe he’s feeding on something he finds. You must find out what he loves to eat. I know that it’s tough when a family member is vegan. Prayers and all the best. And yes, we can never repay our cats for the love that they give us.



    Thanks Buddy , just few mints back my kitty returnd from her tour …tired and hungry , I know he love fish …but I have to go to my neighbour home to feed him , but right now there are some guests, so just avoiding it, I thought he will manage with milk and egg…but he is completely on hunger strike …just tasted a bit milk and went to sit at his place, as soon as I caress and kiss him..he purrs ..taking rest ..just thinking what to give him…

    Ya u r right Puchu is having a beautiful date ..quite close to the cat in your profile pic ( Only a grey mark on her body)…My bro always says ye “Kallu ne gori ko pata liya” …

    My mother is ready to give them all love but the food that they want( infact both love to sleep with Mom) …which is really creating problem for me..




    Good to know that your kitty is back and that he responds to love. What have you named him?

    As for food, maybe you could try Whiskas. These are fish flavoured, but they do not smell as bad as fish, and no one can tell that there is fish in there. These are small pellets that you can give him right from the pack. You can also soak the pellets in water. My cats love Whiskas. I know that being a vegan is linked to religion, so you must be sensitive to your Mom’s feelings too.

    Then there is another brand of cat food called Topcat. Topcat comprises of chicken pellets. These processed foods are expensive though.



    Buddy, thanks …yes no one is ready to let me bring Whiskas…I have to depend on my neighbour for non-veg..lucky to have them…else here in my locality having a cat that too black one …all take it as negative , though they are used to it ( still I have seen some of the neighbour pelting stone on my PUCHU, while he was playing in the garden of my neighbour , he hardly enter’s anyone home) I dont say anything as it may be more problematic…infact my one cat( Pusa) who lived with us for 14 months was displaced by one family living near by ( which I came to know from someone)Last year on 22nd January I missed him…He was darling of our family and my friendly neighbour’s family…we miss so much …hardly any single goes without remembering PUSA…I wish to share his pic and story with all the frnds of “DailyKitten”

    My friendly neighbour kids have named my new kitty “Chinni”…I call him with so many names that I myself dont remember…today a big cat ( rough one) attacked Chinni…so today he is not making any effort to go out…I wish he gradually will mature …and be like PUCHU…



    Hi Mimo, I understand your concerns. We live in a society that is quite orthodox, especially up there in Patna, where a black cat is believed to be a bad omen. Also, I hope you find some food that Chinni would like, since food motivates them. Nevertheless, I believe that Chinni will return to you not for food but for the love that you give him. Sorry about Pusa. Would love to read his story. Hope he is alive and doing well somewhere.



    Hi Buddy,

    It has been long, I was not able to login. At this end things are going on well and hope that you are having fun time with Ginger,Mint and Pepper.

    My puchu and chini are doing well but the differences between them is gradually is giving me very tough time.Puchu is not at all ready to accept Chini, now chini runs as soon as puchu comes. Puchu infront of me though not do anything to chini , but the anger and hate can be felt through his manner. In my absence puchu jumps over chini , slaps which makes my chini cry. I have to be always alert about their presence. I really dont know if they ever will become frnds or not…

    Chini is gradually enjoying fish , but cant stop chini from going out.Yes, you are right its the love thats why chini come to us ( I will also include my neighbour too, without them it would be really hard to make them happy)…Wish you and your family Happy Holi !!!

    Also Want to wish all the happy colors of Holi to all my Daily Kitten Friends..



    Hi Mimo, it is wonderful that you are taking care of this little one! I was so happy to hear that Chini is doing better. I know you have been given a lot of advice, but I just want to emphasize some things that some of the other folks have said already. As far as Chini’s diet is concerned, cow’s milk will cause diarrhea: cats cannot digest it well. Goat’s milk is much, much better. JCAT gave a great link for making “Kitten Glop”. This will keep him going until he’s able to eat some “real food”. My little ones enjoyed the “glop” very much. However, some “glop” recipes call for baby food (turkey, chicken or lamb) but do not use brands with onions or garlic. If you can get the brand Beech-Nut in India, this is very good. Remember, these are only temporary fixes. All cats have special nutritional needs; most important, is their need for taurine, an amino acid. If they don’t have it, they could go blind. The best thing if Chini does not want to eat solid food yet is a product called “Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR)” This will have all the vitamins and minerals that he will need. (From what I’ve heard, kittens seem to prefer the canned form, rather than the powder.) It is readily available on the Internet. One more thing: contrary to what most people believe, fish, especially raw fish, should NOT be fed on a continual basis. It depletes the cat’s amount of thiamine, an important vitamin. Can you get Chini to eat a poultry product? You can still feed fish, but probably no more than 2X a week. As far as the relationship between Puchu and Chini, this is one of those “two steps forward, one step back” kind of things. They may have to be “re-introduced”. Probably the best site with info for doing this is Many other websites use Sarah Hartwell’s article for a resource.

    Mimo, don’t give up! You and Chini have come so far so you should know what the special ingredient in all this is: LOVE! And, please, take good care of yourself, too. Chini and Puchu need a healthy, happy mom!



    Mimo, Debra213 has summed it all up beautifully. Puchu’s behaviour is normal cat behaviour. He does not want anyone to encroach on his territory (your home). Maybe Chini and Puchu need to spend more time together. Pepper, Mint and Ginger are enjoying life. They are such darlings.

    Wishing you too a happy festive season of Holi. For those of us who do not know what “Holi” is, it is the Indian spring festival when people smear each other with colours (you must have noticed that I spell differently) in order to break barriers and initiate love and brotherhood.

    Debra, Most of the foods/ ingredients mentioned above are not available in India. So we have to make do with whatever is available. Cow’s milk and fish is available in plenty, and cats in India freak out on these foods. I try to avoid both, fish and cow’s milk, as much as possible, not because I see them as bad foods, but because I have read that they are not good for cats.



    Thanks a lot Buddy and Debra213…

    On 13th March it would be two months with Chinni. I have experimented with so many foods with Chinni and end up with many interested things about my Chinni…One day while eating “Munch”( chocolate)my neighbour’s kid gave a bit piece to chinni and he ate…we gave more and it ate it its daily dose..Chinni now enjoys Perk too and sometime salty biscuits too, besides fish and poultry products…demands water…started playing with my sleepers just like puchu…Sometime really feel very bad for Puchu…He is my darling baby and the way he feels for Chinni and leaves home in anger and sleeps outside ( yes one thing is good that Puchu has become quite friendly to us after the entry of chinni)…earlier Puchu was only friendly to me, now he loved to be caressd by all family members..and from my Neighbour.

    Debra213, I will go through the articles and will try to follow them…Thanks once again…



    Today my Puchu slept with me whole night and even at day time too…we managed chinni to sleep in another room.Puchu love to sleep with me and with my mother.This change really made me happy , but hearing chinni’s mew the same attitude…and Chinni love to mew continuously( when Happy or hungry) …I have found my PUchu is introvert and Chinni is a bit extrovert , yes it will really take time .



    Hi Mimo,

    I read your posts with interest and am glad your kittens are doing well. I also read that you fed Munch (which you said is chocolate)to Chinni and Perk. Please know that chocolate can be dangerous to cats because it can be toxic. So, remember not to offer anymore chocolates to your kitties.



    Thanks TUTTIBELLA for informing about the side effects of chocolate to cats. I will gradually stop feeding Chocolate to Chinni. Because I still feel Chinni has not recovered the way it should be. I want chinni to be just like puchu and ofcourse also want them to see as good companion to each other

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