how to get rid of fleas on my 9 week old kitten?

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    2 days ago i was combing Lazy’s fur and i saw a flea & i killed it then the next day i saw 4 & today theres more fleas, i dont know what kind of medication is safe for him. should i just give him a bath? & is it true that dawn dish soap is safe to use to kill the fleas? i just dont wanna dose him with a lot of meds.

    & also he got he’s first shot last saturday is that normal that he didnt get sick or act weird after the shots? he was so hyper after he got the shots i thought he was gonna be lethargic for a day or 2… did the shots work or not?

    sorry for too much question… thank you !!!



    you can bathe him in dawn dishwashing soap. That is what we did with young kittens when I worked in recue. You know they use dawn to get oil off of sea birds after a spill.

    Yes it is normal to get a shot at that age, you will get him 3 more to give him complete immunity to the diseases.

    My kitten Harry was all calm about his shots till the vet gave him one (I dont remember which shot it was) he started screaming and ran up my arm and glaired at the vet from my shoulder. He still has it in for that vet, but a little discomfort is worth him not getting a horrible and deadly disease.


    Hi, Lhen. I added a tag to this thread for diatomaceous earth. It is a non-toxic powder that you can sprinkle in your house that kills fleas, but doesn’t hurt cats or other pets. Click on that tag and it will take you to other threads here that discuss flea control in more detail. Good luck getting rid of those nasty fleas. 🙂



    When my bf had kittens they were safely treated with Revolution drop on the back of the neck. Check with your vet to make sure of hte dosage. You cna’t give them the full thing like an adult cat.

    You’ll also want to wash anything kitty loves to role around in (bedding, pillows, and etc) in hot water and throw it in the dryer as well as give your place a very thorough vaccum. Fleas and flea eggs often hang out on soft surfaces


    My son’s and AL’s dog just went to the vet yesterday for a flea allergy. The vet recommended putting part of a flea collar in the vacuum cleaner bag to kill fleas that are vacuumed up as well as doing other things to kill fleas in the environment. Fleas can’t be killed in their egg state so the environment has to be treated two times, two weeks apart to kill any fleas that hatch after the first treatment.



    thank you guys im gonna try the DE powder … now im using dawn dish soap everytime i gve him a bath… thanks again theknittingninja, iliketea & kitten whisperer!!



    I use the collar to get rid of them. But, be careful, sellers write to them that they can be used for three months, but this is not so, a maximum of a month – one and a half, because then it disappears and the fleas again attack.

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