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    So, we’ve had Kush for a month now and she is doing much better (the vet described the kill shelter we rescued her from as the ‘flu ward’), but we are concerned that she is not eating enough. How much is a kitten supposed to eat? She’s been pretty booger-faced since we got her, although at first it was because she was sick, I’m convinced the current snot-river is a result of that intranasal distemper vaccine. At any rate, we’re just a wee concerned that she may not be eating enough since she may not be able to adequately smell her food through all that boogerage, although she is much more full of energy than when she first came home.

    tl;dr – how much should a 3 month old, nearly-two pound kitten be eating?



    Think of a canned cat food. She should be eating about that amount, 2 or 3 times a day. Or a handful of dry kitten food about twice a day. =)



    Shoot my 16 pound cat doesn’t eat 2-3 cans of cat food a day! There was a thread about this earlier and I added tags that match yours. If you click on them you should be able to see what else was said.

    My 16 pound cat is eating between 1/4 to 1/2 cup of dry food a day. On occassion he will eat some wet food–but not often he doesn’t like it. My 7 pound princess eats 1/4 cup dry and a 1/2 can pretty much every day–some days she just is finicky and won’t eat much. Both of them eat 2-3 treats per day. Deuter has been working on a Lickkity today.



    I think there was a typo on your post, supernova? Soxsmom is right – a 3 month old kitten (same age as my sumi, who is always ravenous) should be eating a small pouch/carton of wet food a day, with a small handful of dry, or that equivalent in dry. I feed sumi 4 times daily, quarter carton each time – it amounts to 2 generous teaspoonfuls of food each feed. And always provide plenty of good fresh water. Good luck.



    Supernova may be referring to those itsy-bitsy cans of kitten food that pet stores sometimes carry.

    Kushrents, are you warming her wet food up a little? Usually cats are perfectly happy with room temp (or mouse temp) food, but when they are having trouble smelling it helps to warm the food a bit. I do it by mixing in warm water – that way I know they are getting adequate fluid as well.

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