how can i introduce my cat to the younger kitten?

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    Hey all,

    I’d love some advice here. So my cat/kitten Safira is 9 months, and she’s been with me for 5. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I found an abandoned newborn, less than 2 weeks old. We’ve been bottle-feeding him and Stuart is doing just fine, now beginning to run around the house and explore. Safira has known about his existence in the house, and would be curious when we would be walking with him from the bedroom to bathroom, feeding him etc. We just got the OK from the vet to have them start to interact. I’ve set Stuart, who’s now probably about a month old, on the floor and he kinda runs around, and Safira will sniff him, and they kinda check out eachother. Originally I thought things were fine, because she never hissed or growled or anything. She just kind of watches him.

    I’m getting a little concerned now. Safira batts at him, with her claws kind of extended. Other times she looks like she’s going to pounce on him, and I think I heard a low growl out of her one time. I know kitten behavior is to rough-house, but I don’t know if she is playing or being mean. She’s so much bigger than Stuart, and I’m afraid she may hurt him, intentionally or by accident.

    I know she feels a little jealous, but I make sure I play with her every day, give her treats and of course lots of love.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to get them to get along? Or is this all normal behavior? Safira is so sweet and loving with me, I would hate to go about this wrong and have her personality change.



    Concats on Stuart, your new boy. Most kittens aren’t weaned until 8-9 weeks so I guess you’re still bottle feeding him. In about 2 weeks or so, introduce to wet food.

    At 1 month, he is much to young to be running around the house. There are so many situations that a tiny kitten can get into so get him a “home”. The main situation is he could easily be stepped on. This has happened in the past and is so tragic. He’s still too small to rough house so as I said get him a crate/pen and make it his home. Put his litter box and lots of soft comfy blankies and soft, squishy toy to snuggle. Do make sure he has water but don’t put it by his litter box. This is his safe space. You can put it in the living room or bedroom and when you’re home, take him out to feed and play with him.

    This will also give Safira and Stuart an opportunity to be near each other. Safira’s behavior is typical. She sees you holding and loving him basically, giving him more attention. She doesn’t understand why and is jealous. Batting, low growls, pouncing is what resident cats do to an interloper. It would be good if while he’s being feed they other one holds Safira and give her lovings. You can cut out the daily treats because she’s gain weight and doesn’t need them. She wants you.

    When you see the vet. ask them to show you how to trim their claws. The best time is now when both are kittens.

    Good Luck



    Hi PG,

    Thanks for the advice. Yes we are still bottle-feeding him. I don’t let him wander around alone, I just put him on the ground and sit with him while he waddles around, always supervising to make sure he doesn’t get into somewhere he shouldn’t. Otherwise I keep him in a safe place.

    The vet said to start introducing them now since Stuart is so young, he won’t seem like a threat. I was a little unsure to begin with, I am more cautious of these things where my boyfriend is a little more “adventurous,” so between him and the vet I felt outnumbered. I guess I had this idea in my head that Safira would just take him under her wing and be sort of an adoptive-mommy, but maybe because she is still young herself, I was deluded. The last thing I would want to do is do this the wrong way and have them hate each other. So slow and steady definitely seems like the way to go. Would it be good to keep them apart for a few days? Since she already had a bad reaction? Or just go on with the introduction how you suggested, during feeding time, like everything is fine?



    Just keep doing what you are doing. Remember, cats don’t think the way we do, and she is the resident cat even though she is just a kitten It’s normal for her to hiss and growl, because she doesn’t know him. She will forget after a few months that he was never there and accept him. He will be big enough to chase her also, and since he’s a male, may play more aggressive than she likes. Make sure to divert him with a laser toy or a feather wand so that she doesn’t become overwhelmed. Also, if she is not spayed, make sure that she doesn’t get pregnant. Some cats come into heat as young as 4 months. And when he is old enough, he will need to be neutered also.

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