How can I get my kitten (orphan, 6 weeks) to stop biting me??

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    My orphan kitten is about 6 weeks now, and I can’t get him to stop biting! I read online that if they are taken away from their mothers or their litter too early they will develop a biting habit so I guess that is what is going on.

    What I have been doing for two days is whenever he bites me, I push whatever he bites into his mouth as to cause him discomfort, and keep it there for a few seconds. He will usually whine about it. I would think that he would think ‘Oh that didn’t feel too good maybe I should keep his fingers away from my mouth’ but it’s almost like he wants to bite me MORE after doing that. Right when I take my finger out of his mouth (or he successfully yanks his mouth out of my finger, which I usually don’t let him do), he tries right away to bite me again, even more viciously.

    What are some effective ways to stop this biting behavior? I have never had a cat before and dogs and cats are so different!

    EDIT: I want to add that I don’t think my kitten is doing it to harm me but just trying to be playful and doesn’t know his limits. I have scratches all over my hands and his biting hurts! He is the sweetest most affectionate cuddly kitten in the world though.



    Shawn, one of the biggest no-no’s there is, is to play with a kitten with your hands and feet. Get some toys like stuffies, kicker sticks, strings, wand toys, a laser, toy mice. He can chew and bite and kick these things all he wants, and it will be better for your hands. He is young and doesn’t know any better. If he had littermates, they would be biting and rolling around with each other and learn the limitations of their biting. He isn’t trying to harm you, but just hasn’t learned that it’s a no-no. Once he has been neutered also, it should calm him down a bit.

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