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    I just wanted to thank everyone for your warm welcome in the introduction section.

    Would it be ok to get some feedback and advice from other kitten owners on how we are doing so far. My fiance is more clued up on all things kittens but is half a world away and its nice to just chat about things with other people as well:)

    Kai’s passport says 10 weeks but common sense and his behaviour moves more towards 8 weeks which means I got Kai at 6 weeks. My fiance wasn’t with me when I got Kai so in hindsight I should have had him looking at the kitten more closely or speaking to the petshop owner through video.

    I realised quickly he didnt have the skills or know how on using the litterbox. He was confined to a smaller area. He is using litterbox bar an accident now and again. Litterbox moved to bathroom and he is now allowed free range of the home.

    He arrived and it was clear he had had some form of liquid for fleas on his neck…oily patch of fur under chin. His coat was scabby from fleas. I washed him with flea shampoo a week after he arrived because he was scratching…I was very worried about it being too toxic for him at 7 weeks which it probably was and had no idea how strong the flea dose on his neck was. The water washed out brown from him being so dirty and full of scabs. He is ok and I brush him everyday. His coat is alot better but still need to use the flea shampoo. Must I wash him once a week with it till fleas are all gone? Will it make him sick?

    His tummy was running from what I am assuming was from the vaccines and change in environment but after 2 weeks is normal.

    Can anyone tell me what is the level of his intelligience at the moment? How should I be approaching him as far as guiding him? He seems to have his sulking skills in tune…hahaha…he also is fine tuning manipulation. It makes me think he is more aware than I think he is.

    He has a cat scratch/house which he is using the house but too small to get up onto the platforms for the scratch. I have the following toys:

    Mice, balls
    Mouse pole to play with him

    He is eating Royale Canine dry and hard food 3 times a day. I weighed him and divide the amount by 3. Im feeding th3 dry and hard seperate so he doesnt waste the dry.

    I have never had a kitten so young before…how much playing time does Kai need? He isnt very interested in the toys I leave out for him as they dont move. He likes the balls as they move along the tiles. I have no idea how demanding I must be on being in his space. He isnt always wanting to be on my lap or held to my shoulder.

    How does one bond with a yound kitten? My other kittens I have had were older and bonded to me quickly and wanted to be all over me. Kai is very independant…is this normal?

    I have Kai in my villa and only once I have closed up the quad area will let him out. He is at home on his own 3 times a week. The rest of the time I am there over weekends and the home carer is there twice a week. How can I create a home for Kai that is full of fun things to do when Im not there? We will be creating a catery once the outside is sorted.

    What can I do to ensure he is stimulated and enjoying being part of my family?

    Any advice would be so appreciated:)



    Each kitten has a personality of it’s own, but being calm and loving goes a long way teaching a kitten that only good comes from humans. No hitting or yelling to instruct a cat as it only induces fear.

    I would keep washing him to make sure the fleas and the eggs are gone. Then when at the vet get some appropriate flea medication and apply it. It normally is applied to the back of the neck between the shoulder blades where a cat can’t get to it to lick it. A lot of cats can get fleas even if they don’t go outside because we can bring them inside on our clothes. And if there are fleas in the house (bedding, etc.), once he has a flea med on him, they will get on the cat and then die.

    I would also consider feeding him wet food as male cats have more of a tendency for urinary tract infections due to the low moisture content. It makes them produce crystals in the bladder or stones which are extremely painful and if bad enough, require surgery to treat and remove. Cats do not drink water like dogs do, most of the food they eat if they were in the wild, provides the water they need. Always provide water for him, but having him eat wet food will help prevent these types of illnesses and you can give him a meal of dry once a day also.

    Cats love toys they can chase and kicker toys with catnip. Cat trees placed by a window that they can see out of and watch people, traffic, birds, etc. is great entertainment also.

    Make sure his litter isn’t strongly scented as most cats do not like highly scented litter and will refuse to use the box.

    You are doing a great job especially given that you are doing it basically alone and not ever having a kitten so young! Congratulations on your new furbaby, please let us know how he is progressing!

    Cat Myth: Cats are Aloof and Independent



    Interesting, as among humans, UTIs are more common among women than men.



    Thank you for the response 🙂 With the wet food – I have bought wet food and looked on the royal canine bag and it says 3 times a day for wet and dry food. Should I feed the food divided by 3 for daily intake then give Kai the whole dry food intake once a day? Is night or morning better for dry food? Should I take it away after an hour or so or leave it for him to eat when he wants? I see that wet food must not stand but he gobbles it up so worries there.

    The cat toys…which ones do you recommend? I went to the petshop and none of the ones he would play with on his own can be chased. Im using the laser and the fish pole toy. The rest of his toys are an assortment of mice and balls.

    The guy at the petshop said I must not buy anythint catnip right now as he is too young. Is this true? Going to the petshop is a lengthy affair and want to make sure I know what to get to avoid me going and then I come back empty handed.

    Does anyone know of good online shops to buy a cat tree? The guy at the petshop showed me climbing castles and scratch pad climbing castles. He didnt know what a cat tree was.



    With regard to the litterbox…the litter Ive seen says unscented and scented. Must I avoid all scented or certain ones or mix an unscented or scented together? Are there different scented to look out for like strong and mild? I looked but it was only scented or unscented. I have scented right now. Im not particularly keen on my home smelling like urine. How does one work around using scented litter? There must be a way as its bein sold in the shops. Any advice please 🙂



    As far as the scented/unscented litters, you really can’t tell how strong they are until you get them home and open them. I bought one once that was so strongly scented with pine that my kitten refused to use the box. I just use unscented litter for all my cats (I have 5) and you can’t tell I have litter boxes in the house. You need to make sure you scoop them everyday and keep them clean, and mine have the top hoods on them.

    I feed my cats wet food in the morning and evening, and a meal of dry crunchy food at lunch time. I would think discussing how much food your kitten needs with your vet would be a good idea.

    Chewy dot com has a great website for cat trees (or castles if that’s what you want to call them) and reasonable prices. Of course they have toys and food too. And no–I don’t work for Chewy… 😀 I bought a large cat tower for my cats there and they love it. It has two boxes, three perches and 4 levels…but I have 5 cats so….. 🙄

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