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    Hi, I’m new here and new to raising kittens (one kitten I should say). I am loving being a kitten mom, well, other than when I get hives or he scratches me while eating (now also biting with newfound teeth). I don’t mind taking allergy medicine for the rest of my life or having allergy reactions to this little guy, he is just amazing! He was hurt badly and I am absolutely in awe to see how resilient this little guy is. He has a great fighting spirit and thanks to that he is doing great. I welcome all advice as I am new to kittens (I never really cared for cats since I’m pretty allergic to them). I have no idea what breed he is, I approximate that he’s now about 4 weeks old. I’m bottle feeding him KMR dry formula but I’m wondering about switching to goats milk, is that a good idea? Also, when should I shredded paper train him? I read in here that it’s normal for him to claw and bite at me and the bottle like a demon. Is there any way to calm him down or deter him from it? I have to admit at first I was dealing with him like I would a doggie but it’s so different. Kittens are like babies and now I feel guilty that I was not babying him enough. Is it possible to spoil him? Ugh I have read and read about raising kittens but I truly believe in advice from people that have successfully raised kittens. Any and all help is greatly needed and welcome.



    your very welcome Rose :)this is probably the fluffiest cat site on the net 🙂
    is that your little one in the profile pic? white/black/ginger? if so you have a little calico girl (99%of calicos are female)

    at 4 weeks old you can stay to introduce her slowly to “slob” wet kitten food mushed with KMR or goats milk 🙂 goats milk is a great alternative and some here have raised bottle babies on goats milk alone 🙂

    sounds like this little one is in good hands as your doing your research and that’s always great to hear.. regularly brushing her will help ease your alergies (less hair floats about) well technically it’s not the hair your allergic to it’s the enzyme in her saliva so when she cleans herself her saliva drys on her cost and that’s what most people are actually allergic too:: so regular grooming of baths help with that but if you bath her you must make sure she is 100% completely dry as a damp coat can lead to urinary tract infections.. also for some reason all white cats wrh long hair tend to have less of that enzyme in there saliva so some people that are allergic to it are less likely to react around longhaired white cats.. and colouring for example in a mostly white calico will still mean the enzyme is present though ..

    there are a few member that have great links for taking kittens and issues in doing so I’m sure KZ might post them for you 🙂

    thank you again for rescuing this little one 🙂 and educating yourself so well 🙂



    Hi ARose!
    Yes I’ll post a couple of links for you on hand rearing kittens. I would switch to the goat’s milk just because in my experience, it is easier on their digestive systems and doesn’t cause constipation like KMR does. Sounds like she is needing a little more than just milk, so you can mix wet food (pate style) in with the milk and make a gruel. You can put this liquidy food in the bottle, and open up the nipple hole. Once her tummy gets full, she won’t be so savage with the bottle. We appreciate people who go out of their way to rescue kittens and give them wonderful lives!



    Oh I forgot to mention that goat’s milk is in the cold milk section of the grocery, or in the baking aisle in cans. The canned is condensed so add water 1 to 1. There is also a powdered version too! Good luck!



    Welcome ARose,

    We wuv our kits and I, too, am happy you’re looking for advice on taking care of your baby. Buttons and KZ are our best meowmies.

    Info that may help with your allergies:

    Step one is always fresh air, ventilation, and filtration. Open windows when you can to get fresh air flow moving through the house, bring in new air and take away the old with dander and other allergens.

    Step two is an air purifier. A top quality air purifier is a worthwhile investment for you.

    Step three is brushing her daily the to get rid of shed hair and dander. Also, brush it outside if you can, or in a well ventilated room. You’re brushing the allergens off of the cat and into the air, which is something you definitely don’t want.

    Step four is furniture and upholstery are allergen traps. You can either clean them often, or you can put allergen protectors on them. They make anti-allergen sprays that are supposed to remove even pet allergens, though I can’t say the effectiveness of those, it might be something to look into.
    Watch your vacuum. Especially old vacuums with bags are notorious for kicking back some dirt and dust. You can get allergen trapping bags, but newer, bagless vacuums are much better.

    You said you were getting her use paper in her litter box. Yesterday’s News is made of old newspaper. Kittens usually need to eliminate within a half hour of eating, drinking or sleeping. During the training process, place your kitten’s stool in the litter box to help establish a connection between elimination and the litter box. Clean the litter box daily.

    Good luck and keep in touch




    great advice PG and KZ thank you PG for your kind words 😉 I think just about everyone in TDK is a great Meowmy



    PG thanks for the compliment, but everyone here could give the best advice to a new kitten meowmy!

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