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    I feel as though I’m always on here complaining or looking for help but the answers you guys provide always put me at ease and truly help me! My kittens just turned 4 weeks old, they’re very healthy as far as I’m concerned, soft clean fur, incredibly playful and energetic when they’re not napping, very loving as well, they purr like crazy and love to lean up to bring their little noses against yours. They have great appetites, they eat about every 2 to 3 hours (they’re still on GNC kitty formula) and they pee all the time, sometimes even on their own but they’re not pooping. The two of them haven’t pooped since Sunday, but they don’t seem to be in any discomfort whatsoever, they don’t cry randomly, their bellies aren’t overly bloated or hard to the touch. What should I do? Please any help or tips would be great, I try to stimulate them even after they’ve peed but then they get fussy and want to go back to playing, I’ve tried running warm water on their stomachs as I rub it, the pinch of olive oil in their formula, what should I do?



    Evelyn, you may have to take them to the vet and have them checked out to see if they have a hard poop in there that may need an enema. Just because they get fussy is not a reason to stop, they have to poop! A warm washcloth gently rubbed on their bottoms until they start to go. I’ve never had much luck with warm water on their stomach. The goat’s milk would help since it contains probiotics, and maybe giving them some solid food in with their formula. Also starting them on litter training would probably help too. Just make sure you don’t use clumping, scented litter.




    BTW, you are not always complaining. We aren’t vets but, to the extent of our knowledge, we will help you. Our best advice is to help to raise a healthy kit.



    Hi there!
    I’ve recently been raising an orphaned kitty and have dealt with this A LOT. While she was formula feeding, she only pooped about once every 3 days. And we tried everything,
    Olive oil, watered down formula, pumpkin puree. Nothing seemed to make her regular. She was seen by the vet several times who said this is normal in formula fed babies. She did go 6 days without pooping and needed an enema at one point, but if it’s every couple days I was told by my vet not to worry and just keep doing what I was doing. She is now 6 weeks old, and started wet food around 5 weeks (she refused to start any sooner, as much as we tried). And voila, as soon as she started on wet kitten food and was weaned off the formula, it’s been magical. Perfect poops every day.

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