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    Hi I recently adopted a wonderful adorable kitten named zeppelin. He is 2 months old and I love this little guy to pieces. The only problem I have is I work two jobs and my boyfriend works full time as well. During the weekend I only work until 3 so I’ll be home intime to play with him so he doesn’t get too lonely. But during the week My work hours on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday are from 8:30 to 6 or 7, Thursday 8:30-4 and Friday 8:30-1. My boyfriends schedule changes from week to week so he could work in the morning or he works at night until 9. I’m just worried about leaving the little guy alone for so long and him crying and me not being there. What can I do to make him feel more comfortable being alone?



    One suggestion is to get another kitten! Especially as young as this one is, another kitten would be company for him and they would have each other throughout the day to play with. They would grow up together too. If you adopted from a shelter, find out if he had siblings, or get one around the same age…making sure it is healthy and vet checked. Not good to bring home a kitten that could pass an illness on to your kitten.

    Make sure he has plenty of toys, food, and water and maybe leave a radio or tv on low for some noise. I hope this helps!



    Absolutely get him a playmate. It’s really isn’t anymore difficult to care for two and you and your BF can leave without worrying about your guy. Just do everything you did for Numero uno (supplies, etc.) and you’re ready to go. I always leave the radio on. I used to think Classical music would sooth them but I don’t usually listen to it at home I went with Classic rock or comedy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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