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    Hi I have two 7-8 weeks old kittens, Snow and Flake. They’re both females. White eating or even when they’re not eating, their stomachs make rumbling sounds. They’re eating and drinking probably I guess. It’s only been. 2 days since I adopted them so I don’t know if they had this before. Generally they seem fine, it’s just that their stool is black and hard. And they’re having trouble getting the stool out. Should I be worried? I have no experience with cats before. I would appreciate some help.



    Sounds like they are constipated so if you are not feeding them wet food, I would switch to it and maybe offer some dry food as a meal, but take it up when they are done eating. Make sure you have plenty of fresh water for them to drink at all times also. You can even try adding a FEW DROPS of olive oil or mineral oil to their wet food until things normalize and get moving again. If they continue with very dark, black, tarry stool, it could be blood. Just remember that all kittens need an initial visit to the vet. They need to be checked over, given a dewormer (this could be the problem too) as all kittens have some kind of parasites usually from the mother. And to start their initial vaccinations.

    Goat’s milk is great to give them in a saucer too, as it’s full of probiotics for their gut and is great for their immune system. You get it where you buy regular milk, or buy canned or powdered in the baking aisle in the grocery. Good luck!!



    Hi Nic, I agree with Kittyzee said, and my first thought is that they should be checked out by a vet.
    If you can, send photos of them to The Daily Kitten so they can be featured!

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