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    Someone found two 1-day old kittens, umbilical cords still attached on Monday and gave them to me to foster and bottle feed. After receiving them and proceeding to give their first feeding, I realized that one of the kittens was not doing quite as well, she weighed just 85 grams on Tuesday morning and her brother was 95-100g. I realized that she had a large swelling on her lower side abdomen/leg. I immediately thought it was swelling or an injury of some sort but the bone seemed ok. I was able to get her to eat and she lived through the night. I told the finder about it and she payed to have me take the kitten to the vet on Tuesday afternoon. The vet examined the bulge and determined that she probably has a huge hernia. She told me I should feed her and give it 3-4 days, but that she would need surgery to survive and that she is too small for surgery for such a big hernia :(. I thought this kitten wouldn’t make it through the first night when I saw the hernia, but she is eating like a champ and still fighting hard, despite not pooping for 72 hours and the hernia doubling in size. I’m wondering what options I have at this point as I am fostering them by myself, and I appreciate any personal advice or thoughts/opinions about what I should do. Thanks!



    I would just keep doing what you are doing, let her grow and get bigger and healthier, then opt for the surgery to repair the hernia! I have no experience with them, but I think she should be fine.



    I know this is a different post but I want to know how Toulouse and Violette are doing?



    I have faith in you! She’s a fighter. Keep doing what you do and keep stimulating her.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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