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    Annah Garner

    Hey I rescued a kitten a week ago. She was only four weeks old. She is my first kitten. Well we had a cat when I was a kid but I didn’t take care of him. I want to do everything right. Her name is sunshine. I don’t know what kind she is. She is fluffy and orange and white. She weighs about a pound. We haven’t been to the vet yet. But I’m feeding her wet kitten food and purina kitten chow. I’m trying to litter train her but it looks like she has only used her box like 4 times. But I can’t find anywhere in the house she has used it. I caught her peeing on the floor and once she pooped on my bed. She sleeps with me and my boyfriend. What should I be doing for her I know she is really young she used to cry a lot but I read to snuggle with her and she has gotten a lot better. I need advice on what to do for her. I want her to have the best life! Thanks in advance



    Awwww is that her in the pic?? SO cute!! Honestly, it’s hard to tell if they are peeing anywhere other than the litter box since it’s usually a pretty small amount. Make sure you get unscented, non clumping litter, since kitties sometimes eat it which can cause blockages. To litter train my kitty I just watched her diligently after feedings for about 30 mins, and when she starts to go put her in the litter. It helps to scratch their paws around in it too!! You will probably want to make a vet appointment soonish. My kitty was dewormed around 6 weeks old, though she isnt starting vaccinations just yet! Your kitty is lucky to have found such a loving home!



    Christa is right, after feeding, watch her and put her in the litter. Another important thing is that the litter you are using not be highly scented–unscented is best for her for now, and especially non clumping.

    Sounds like she is doing well, eating solid food too. It would be a good idea to get her to the vet to be checked over and dewormed and also get her first shots started.

    Bottle Babies


    Annah Garner

    Hey what is the best way to get my kitten to mind. Like at night when I need him to calm down and lay down. I want him to mind me and not get into stuff and scratch up the doors but I don’t know how



    Seriously Annah, your guy is less than 6 weeks old. What kind of minding do you expect from a tiny kit? If it’s an issue you put him in a secure place (a carrier) for the night. He would be safer and presumably you would be happier. I apologize for being sarcastic. I think you’re expecting way too much from him.


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