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    I found a 4 weeks kitten a week ago, the fisrt time I saw him, his eyes were closed (full of dirt) and also was sneezing then next morning I asked my aunt who is a vet, she asked me to gave him 20 mg amoxicillin and also oxcytetracylin, few days later he healed completely. Btw, my dad said he’s been there since yesterday night when it still raining. I really pity on him, so I want to give a try to raise him (just until he can go by his own). I’ve been giving him KMR and now I add wet food for him.
    Actually, my question is I’m gonna have very tight schedule starting next week, probably I’ll spend a lot of time ouside house. I can give him breakfast and also dinner, but not for lunch. What should I do? Please don’t telling me asking someone else to feed him:( my mom absolutely won’t do it. I’ve been trying to find him a new home, but everyone that I trust can’t accept kitten for a while. in my city, there’s only one shelter but when I tried to gave call to them, they didn’t answer
    And I’ve found out his poop covered with a little blood. Is he sick again?



    Sorry I made a lot grammatical errors. I’m totally exhausted and I have no idea how to edit my post



    thank you for rescuing this little one .. if he was 4 weeks old (estimated) last week and your schedule is busy next week then he’ll be over the 5 week mark which means he’ll be able to eat solids on his own.. so make sure to leave out plenary of toys for him to play with a kittens favourite I’ve found is simply a balled up piece of paper so leave down a few balls of paper to keep him entertained while your gone.. as far as the food goes make sure to leave down a full bowl of wet food and fresh water if he’s hungry he’ll eat himself..



    Thank you so much!

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