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    So the toms in the backyard have brought Lilith into heat :/

    She has a spay appointment for 9/22, which isn’t until the end of next month! We weren’t expecting her to go into heat just yet, and thought we had at least a few more weeks…

    Does anyone know of something to help keep her calm and avoid over-stressing her during this difficult time? She’s been doing so well, I don’t want to put her at risk!



    She won’t be at risk for anything except for getting pregnant, should she get out or one of the toms get in. The problem with waiting so long is that she will keep coming into heat each time sooner and sooner until she is bred or spayed. I really feel bad for female cats in heat because they act miserable, almost like they are in pain with cramps or something. Who knows…maybe they are. They are so much more comfortable once they have had their surgery, and will be healthier with fewer risks of horomonal types of cancer.



    We had always planned on getting her spayed! But she’s only about 4 months old and four pounds, so we were expecting to have at LEAST another three or four weeks before she’d be at the 5lb mark {when our vet is more comfortable with their chances, going under general anesthesia.) And since we don’t own a male cat, we also weren’t expecting her to be triggered into heat earlier than 5mos.

    We’ve since closed all the blinds, and are limiting her exposure to their sight and sounds. She doesn’t appear to be quite as stressed this morning, but other sites were recommending Feliway and catnip. Catnip does the opposite of calm Lili kitty though, so we’re definitely not giving her that!

    I suppose I’ll just have to distract her as much as possible until her appointment.



    I’m sorry Miss Lilith and your family are experiencing estrus. Surprise! Kits can go into heat at 4 months esp. if there are toms. Feliway does work for some cats. Rescue Remedy are homeopathic drops for kits. There are 2 types so make sure the Rescue Remedy is for pets and not people.
    You can have Miss Lilith spayed as early as 8 wks/2 lbs.

    Good Luck



    @PG, Our vet was very leery of spaying Lilith before she’d gotten all of her shots and vaccs, and wanted her ideally to be at or above 5lbs. I’m aware of the AMVA proponents for pediatric spay… but I also trust my vet. Given how undersized Lilith was for her age, and some of his concerns re: feral kitties and undiagnosed genetic concerns showing up before/during/after general anesthesia it made sense to want her to be a little more of a healthy weight.

    She seems to have only experienced a 24hr bout of it this time, hopefully it’ll be a few weeks before we need to deal with it again. :/

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