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    *Please read till the end*

    I adopted two kittens about a week ago, one of them didn’t make it. His sister is now 4 weeks old and has been struggling with constipation for a few days. I have literally done everything. I stimulate her everytime she eats for two minutes or more by rubbing her belly and genitals with a soft cottonball & some warm water. After two days of her not pooping, I inserted some olive oil with a thermometer in her butt (did that twice). Still nothing.. The next morning I took her to the vet and he gave her an enema, he said that maybe the stool had become dehydrated and the liquid should soften it and if she doesn’t poop until that night, I should start adding a drop of lactulose syrup in her formula (I feed her powdered Royal Canin formula). I did that, but it’s been three days and still no poop… I’ve been stimulating, tried the triangle method, but nothing!!!

    Her belly was super full after the enema, probably because her colon was full and that night I also put a thermometer in one more time, just in case that would help her go. Some poop came out on the tip of it and it was soft. The next day her belly wasn’t so full and hard anymore so I figured she would have pooped on her own by now, but when I checked in the crate where she sleeps, there was nothing.

    She’s super healthy, drinks all her milk, but keeps nibbling my finger after she finishes, like she’s always hungry even after I feed her 5ml more than recommended by the brand for her age and weight (It could be a parsite & I’m gonna give her some deworming paste tonight that was suggested by the vet). Today I gave her some gruel for the first time and it was the first time that she didn’t suck my finger after her meal, so she was possibly hungry these past few days cause the milk wasn’t “sticking to her gut”, as I’ve read here in other topics.. So Ive been thinking.. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT SHE’S BEEN POOPING AND EATING IT because she’s hungry and needs solid food? I mean, the poop on the tip of the thermometer was super soft, so I don’t see why she wouldn’t have pooped after the enema.. I’ve tried everything, idk what else I should do!! Please help, she’s such a healthy, playful kitty & I’m so worried that her health could be damaged if this goes on 🙁



    No, I don’t think she is eating her poop. And, she needs stimulated after EVERY feeding since waiting for a kitten to poop on it’s own this young just isn’t going to happen. The mother licks their genitals with her rough tongue…she doesn’t care if the kittens fuss and squirm, she does it anyway because they have to poop. At 4 weeks, if you had been getting her to poop, I would recommend the gruel mixed with wet food and to begin putting her in a litterbox with unscented, plain clay non clumping litter. (Kittens tend to eat litter, so please use non clumping to start with). Add a few drops of olive oil to her milk and keep giving her the mixed gruel, and keep stimulating her to go. You have to rub her little butt, not her tummy to get her to go. She may fuss and wiggle, as long as you aren’t hurting her, keep doing it and she will eventually go.



    I know, that’s exactly what I’m doing! I rub her butt (not just her tummy) before and after every feeding, sometimes even inbetween feedings. I just gave her the deworming paste. I think she could have an intestinal parasite and that’s why she seems to be hungry all the time! I’ll take her to the vet again tomorrow to see what else we can do. Thanks for the answer 🙂



    She pooped a while ago!! The lactulose syrup I’ve been giving her obviously did its job! I guess I wasn’t patient enough and was worrying too much.. So glad she’s okay 😀



    This is my fave picture and yes, we get excited by poop, too!


    How’s the the kitty doing? Pooped yet? Get kitty to the vet and see what he/she says.


    Did you ever try rubbing her back like you pet her after she eats. This might help.

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