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    Helpful toxic plant reminder with Summer I Northern Hemisphere & Mom/meowmy’s day etc:
    toxic plants
    Keep our furry/purries safe!



    Sharing as FY Furry/Purry Info:
    spay/neuter cat
    For your kit’s health & your purrfect forever home!



    Warming up in Northern Hemisphere, helpful link:
    feline water intake
    Mewomy, I’z thirsty!



    The following items are recommended for inclusion in a disaster kit specifically for cats. Prepare one kit for each cat in your household.

    Food and Water:
    ?A one-week supply of the food your cat is accustomed to eating. Store food in an airtight, waterproof container and rotate every three months to ensure freshness.
    ?If your cat eats canned food, buy cans small enough for one feeding since you may not be able to refrigerate leftovers. Include a can opener or buy pop-top cans.
    ?A one-week supply of water, stored in a cool, dark location. Rotate occassionally to ensure freshness. If tap water is not suitable for humans to drink during a disaster, it is also not suitable for cats to drink.
    ?Bowls for food and water. Collapsible bowls are easy to store and save space.

    Cleaning and Sanitation:
    ?A small litter box, litter scoop, one-week supply of cat litter and plastic bags for disposing of your cat’s waste.
    ?Liquid soap for washing food and water bowls, paper towels, and disinfectant for cleaning crates and carriers.

    Housing and Transportation:
    ?Harness and leash in case you have to keep your cat confined in a cage for an extended period of time and need a secure way to remove him from the cage for exercise.
    ?A collapsible wire cage to transport your cat or house him at a friend’s home or hotel while evacuated. The cage should be large enough to accommodate food and water dishes and a litter box.
    ?Toys, if your cat likes them, for entertainment and comfort.
    ?EvacSaks are foldable and easy to store.

    ?Temporary identification tag that you can write your temporary location on in case your dog is separated from you.
    ?Current pictures of your dog in case he or she gets lost and you need to create posters.
    ?Pictures of you with your dog to prove owership if you are separated.

    Health and Safety:
    ?A two-week supply of any medication your cat is taking.
    ?Medical records, including vaccination records.
    ?First aid kit: ?first aid book for cats
    ?conforming bandage (3″x5″)
    ?absorbent gauze pads (4″x4″)
    ?absorbent gauze pad (3″x 1 yard)
    ?Q-tips (1 box)
    ?antiseptic wipes
    ?emollient cream
    ?tweezers and scissors
    ?instant cold pack
    ?latex disposable gloves (several pairs)
    disaster supplies for cats
    Keep ’em purring!



    Purrfect Explanation:
    Cat's glowing eyes
    Sometimes works with moonlight too:
    Moonlit eyed kits



    Beautiful pics, Jean! The cats’ emergency pack has a lot of that stuff, but probably not all of it. I do go through it once in a while and replace the food with newer stuff. This one is slightly less complicated because I don’t have all the meds that elderly Shaddo and Jiggs needed.



    Loving me all those Basement Cats JK. Basement Cats rule – the basement (and my heart)! Shhh don’t tell Dorry!



    Great Reminder, thanks Azdeb:
    Candy and Gum are Harmful for your cat
    candy gum counter

    Candy, gum, toothpaste, baked goods, and some diet foods are sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol can cause an increase in the insulin circulating through your catโ€™s body, which will cause the catโ€™s blood sugar to drop. Xylitol can also lead to liver failure. Initial symptoms include vomiting, lethargy, and loss of coordination. The cat may have seizures soon after ingesting the xylitol, and liver failure can occur within just a few days.



    SOS – Alert:
    Toxic litter
    Borrowed from TKDFb
    Anyone of you use this? I’m sure some do.
    I wasn’t able to copy the link to here, but wanted to make you aware that there are claims of cats developing lung problems from this litter, and a couple of deaths, as well.
    Better safe than sorry – please get rid of it!



    9 Signs your cat owns you:
    cat with toys
    LOL/one of them!

    (Raises paw, yup x’s 3!)



    Read this before adopting another a kit or if having challenges within furry family:
    cats in shelters
    Remember, pets are forever!

    Litter box Issues
    Not Getting Along



    Tks for excellent article share JK! Heard that technically it’s illegal here to ban pets in rentals, maybe there’s a limit, not sure. That said it very much happens. Just to be sure I had my lease altered so that being permitted to have cat on premises is specified in this legal document. Better to pre-empt any mis-communication w/landlord at outset IMHO.



    Be safe around strange Goggies:
    behavior around strange dogs
    For kids & big kids!

    Purrfect example of unconditional love:
    cat/dog hug
    Goggies are our Friends! ๐Ÿ™‚




    Share the care…with a prayer…lend a hand to help a stray/feral:
    stray prayer
    Help a purry/furry…



    Great Update:

    orangie fiv positive cat

    Study Shows That FIV Positive Cats Can Live Harmoniously with FIV Negative Cats



    Must share this wonderful story: World’s largest cat sanctuary:
    cats at sanctuary
    cats in kitchen
    furry purry luv en mass

    Purrfect place to call home…more pics on link! Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€


    omg this looks like heaven! throw in some cute hairy men, butterflies, n food n it is!



    SOS!!! Pet food recall: Hill’s Pet Nutrition recalls select bags of Science Diet Adult Small & Toy Breed foods
    science diet pet food recall



    Traveling or going on VACA?
    Please ask neighbor/friend/family to check on pet’s well being while away!
    Purry home alone - get a hoomin' to visit while gone!

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