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    Kaydee miller

    I rescued 3, 6 week old kittens 4 days ago from under a house they were freezing and skinny I’ve made them a room in my basement away from my other animals, it has a space heater and heated blanket to keep them warm, I’ve been feeding dry Purina One kitten food and powdered milk replacement from GNC twice per day, they have put on weight and I thought we’re doing great, until late last night I heard the little orange baby whimpering lightly while pooping, so as soon as he was totally finished I moved him before he could bury it and noticed that the poop was normal colored in some areas and then pinkish colored in other areas and then there was a small area with a little tiny area of red blood, I am so upset I thought I was doing good and close to being able to find them homes, I unfortunately do not have any extra money to take him to the vet as I’m a single mom who is still paying on an vet bill from my diabetic dog and they won’t let me finance another, and they’re the only vet in town that allows it. Has anyone else experienced this with their kitten and them been ok? Could it just be the change in diet?



    It could just be that the kitten is constipated, but more than likely it’s a combination of that plus parasites. Most kittens and puppies have worms. Even if you don’t see them in their poop, the vet can prescribe a dewormer that will kill them. I would give them some wet food along with their formula, provide plenty of fresh water so that they can drink whenever they like. It usually takes a while for them to actually drink water and they don’t drink like dogs do. The wet food along with the formula should help with the straining and complaining hopefully, and you can just supplement with a dish of crunchies in between meals. Hope this helps!

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