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    I have 2 5 week old kittens I have pretty much raised since day 1… at 4-5 weeks I started introducing hard kitten food mushed up with formula to make a gruel. Both of their poo is brown but has taken on a loose consistency and one had really loose poo tonight that was almost stringy like thick saliva towards the end! Please Help?!?



    Lauren, this is a poop guide from a very helpful website:

    I hope that it helps. Also, if you click on the pink tag ‘poop’ in the top right hand corner, you will see many previous threads on kitten poop and advice from TDKers. As with everything, if you are really worried, the best thing to do is talk to your vet. Hope this helps a little!


    Let’s summarize and say: Poop should be brown and formed. Urine should be yellow.

    Guide to the Rainbow of Poop

    and Urine Colors (The Scoop on Poop):


    •Bloody – Actual red blood seen in stool. Could indicate panleukepenia. Grossly abnormal, must be seen ASAP.

    •Mucous – yellowish/white/clear slimy substance. Indicates severe bowel irritation. Grossly abnormal and needs immediate care.

    •Black – True dark black color to stool. Usually indicates bleeding high in the bowel. Severe sign, needs immediate attention.

    •Brown – Normal color. Be happy!

    •Orange – Usually indicates way too much bile in stool, can occur with reflux.Seek medical advice.

    •Yellow – Almost always indicates bacterial imbalance in the bowel. If has diarrhea also, usually related to coccidia. Seek medical advice.

    •White – Grossly abnormal color, usually indicates, severe bacterial imbalance and severe infection in the bowel. Kitten at risk of dying, needs medical attention, ASAP.


    •Dry/hard – Abnormal, usually indicates dehydration. Seek care, promptly.

    •Firm – Normal, be happy.

    •Formed but soft – Low range of ‘normal’. If stools change from firm to soft you should seek medical advice.

    •Toothpaste – Still has somewhat tubular form but falls apart once touched. Abnormal, needs medication.

    •Cow-patty – Never formed but thick enough it falls into a ‘cow-patty’ shape. Abnormal, animal is at significant risk and needs immediate attention.

    •Liquidy – Just fluid that falls out of rectum, thin and may have mucous. Abnormal, animal is at severe risk and must be seen immediately.

    •The ‘Squirts’ – Animal has no control over bowel and watery fluid squirts out of rectum. Grossly abnormal, animal in danger of dying, must be seen immediately!



    How is the kitten doing? Would like to hear updates 🙂

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