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    I’m new to the site but not to cat life.I currently have 20 cats, guess it’s worth mentioning that I live next door to a feed store so everyone thinks that’s a great place to drop off unwanted cats. I just take them in, love them, feed them and if I can’t find homes for them I keep them?
    I have 2 sweeties (Oreo n Cookie)that I raised on a bottle from about 3 days old and they are now 13 years old. Another special love is Stubzy, a rescue who is blind in one eye but never misses anything. I have one major heart break over another I raised by bottle, Baby Kitty, aka Teddy. At 2.5 years old he just disappeared. It has been 2 years now on Sept 21, 2017 and I still search for him. There are many more but too many to name all here… hello from my cat clan here in Jasper Alabama



    Hi Renae, welcome to TDK! You have undertaken a big responsibility in caring for so many cats–you are awesome! I too have cared for many cats and being in a rural area and not being able to bring them all inside–bad things happen. If you have an animal welfare league or ASPCA in your area that can help you get your cats spayed and neutered and then return them to you, you will be many steps ahead in controlling the population and keeping them healthy. Bless you for your dedication to your neighborhood cats!



    Welcome to the TDK litter, Renae. You do a good thing by caring for the homeless kits. Do call Alley Cat Allies to help out with your kit efforts.



    Welcome to TDK Renae.
    Wow 20 cats, that’s an awful lot of loving you must be getting and giving.
    Thank you for taking in so many lost and dumped cats.
    I’m so sorry about Teddy disappearing. They leave quite a hole in our hearts when they go.



    Thanks everyone for the advise and words of encouragement. I will sure give it a try. Have a blessed day

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