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    Sarah Williams

    My name is Sarah. I’m 27 years old and for all of my life, animals have been part of my family. When I moved out to go to college, I really missed having my tapsy companions around. So it was just a matter of time until I adopted a pet on my own. His name is Apollo (5 year old red tomcat). I adopted my second cat Minnie soon after. She is a 2 year old little kitten.
    They get along very well.

    Nice to see this forum is around and advice being shared.



    Hi Sarah,

    Welcome to TDKland. We love cats and love talking about our cats and keeping in touch. I’m Pussigato or PG. We usually shorten our name to initials so you will be SW unless you want something else.

    I’m owned by Miss Gaea (brown tabby Manx), LilBit Guy (Orange tabby) and Miss Moppet (Gray on White DLH).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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