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    Well it’s that time of the year again.. the staff kitty’s are getting the beverages ready and the fountain has mysteriously turned green.. one very serious kitty is checking all the kittens paws to see who the culprit is… he hasn’t caught anyone green handed yet 🙂 lol !!

    Everyone one is Irish for the day and those visiting through the wormhole know that there is a dress code this year.. green bowties for the gentlemen to honour Mr Buttons Papadopoulos and green tutu’s for the ladies ….Just over the green dyed water fountain suddenly appears a beautiful rainbow and all the kittens get very excited! They believe they will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and maybe a leprechaun .. But one very wise kitty calls them over an explains the rainbow is a very special place that leads to a bridge where all those that have passed on wait for us and watch over us and when a special day arrives where everyone gathers those beautiful kitty’s that are at rainbow bridge watch over us and are so happy to see us living life to the fullest…
    So enjoy your St Patrick’s day every one! all the Irish gang over here are sending their LOVE



    Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    It’s a beautious morning in the Rocky Mountains and we’re celebrating everyone being Irish day. 😀

    This is what’s left of Miss Gaea’s tutu:

    Miss Moppet decided to go risque and wear this outfit because she knew there were going to be many girls vying for Dorry.

    LitBit Guy is so excited to meet Peso so they can run amok. My gang are all asleep getting ready for tomorrow.

    Have a happy!



    So THAT’S why Peso is so wound up!! I thought I heard an extra kit running with Peso and it wasn’t my thunder-butt Willow….it was much lighter on it’s feet and much more elusive…. 😆

    Well, our winter weather has come and gone and like I mentioned…I slept through all of it. It’s melting now, but we thankfully didn’t get much ice. Actually 40 degrees feels pretty balmy and it’s nice to have a window or two cracked open mixing with the warm stove air. Makes for warmth AND a breathable nose!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all and a Happy Caturday too!



    Happy St. Paddy’s Day to our Buttons and all who celebrate!

    Dorry had a bit of difficulty finding Miss Moppet under all that green tulle, but with a bit o’ effort he managed. Best I say no more! 😉

    Basically slept all day. A lot of stress in KJ-land. A few things. One of which is what I already knew – looks like a move is in my future. Landlord told me what he wants to sell place for – over $200K!!!!!

    And I’d be beyond illogical to shell out for a place that needs major work in a bldg that is structurally unsound – his agent hasn’t even seen what needs doing, ie window doesn’t open, huge cost to fix, floors are all scratched, place has not been painted in 20 yrs … I will stop here! And still I would have stayed so as not to move, which makes no sense.

    I have been more or less assured that I can do way better for same rent or somewhat more. By agent/investment broker – ie peeps who are in the field. I’ve done my rsch. Plus law states that I must be given 6 mos notice, ie for end of yr lease notice in July, so way early to do anything. And that no one can buy in order to rent at higher price, any buyer must either take over as my landlord or they or immediate fam member must move in directly. On pawsitive note, could be a fresh start.

    Thanks for hearing me out guys!



    The window that doesn’t open is more serious than the other, cosmetic stuff, as it indicates a structural problem. They are rife here; we actually have an underground stream beneath our buildings and lane. No surprise given that we are an island with a sort-of-mountain in the middle. We had to have two of our buildings shored up and rebuilt – the ground floor flats literally disappeared – there was a metal structure holding up the higher units. And this is not rare.

    Imagine the people in low-lying areas!

    Actually the St-Patrick’s Day parade here is today, Sunday. It is supposedly the oldest one in North America, older than Boston’s. Sure, it is a joke that everyone is Irish, but a surprising number of people in the Americas as well as the “Antipodes” do have some Irish origins, and in Québec that is as common among French as among English-speakers. Many were orphans adopted after the “Potato Famine” (there was actually enough grain there to feed the whole country; nowadays it would have been counted as a crime against humanity by British landowners). Many famine refugees died on Grosse-Ile and in “fever sheds” in Mtl and Qc City.

    Barak Obama is part Irish; so was Ernesto “Che” Guevara. His dad was a Guevera Lynch. There are countless other examples. And no, green beer is NOT Irish.

    Livia is antsy as there is such strong spring sunshine, but I open the back door a crack to let her out and she actually walks backwards. It is chilly today. Not going out today except to fetch some vegetables at Jean-Talon market. Certainly not to watch a parade!



    Che was part Irish??? Interesting!

    Other probs are not simply cosmetic. Now what I was willing to put up with just to avoid a move is one thing. But when the upper sockets of almost every outlet don’t work, same for 2 light switches, and cracks in walls, and the kitchen drawers don’t close quite properly, well I find myself wondering who would pay $220K+ and then have to get things fixed. Plus I would not buy a place where A/C is in bdrm closet, taking up a good amount of space. Plus as mentioned bldg needs major work. All balconies need fixing and even if this unit doesn’t have one, in condo all owners have to kick in. At least over time I’ve informed landlord of all this so he can’t tell me that he didn’t know.

    I have time and I might have to make some concessions, but I should be able to find what I want. In the meantime I’ve done major throw-out process, as no point in moving things to throw out later. And place was well-organized to start with. plus I have list of 3 charity orgs who will p/u any unwanted furniture.

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