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    Has anyone read any of the Hannah Swensen Mysteries by Joanne Fluke? I picked up one at the library the other day and it was light and fast reading. She has a cat too! and the best part is the recipes in each book…the character is a baker. Just curious about the early books.

    Anyone? Class? Anyone? (bonus points if you can name the movie ;))



    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? (am I the only person in the world who hates that movie?)

    Haven’t read the Swensen books, but might just have to take a look for them at the library once I finish my latest reread of the Cadfael series (just started #17, boy do I love these books).


    Rubia in CA, 4/28

    I have actually just started reading the Hannah Swensen series, and I’m enjoying them. Naturally, I ended up starting off with the most recent one, and now I am trying to backtrack. Unfortunately, I don’t think the earliest ones are available for the iPad, so I think I will have to dig deeper for those. So, at the moment, I am somewhere in the middle of the series. I do love that she has a cat, and the cat is a real character – not just a piece of set dressing.



    Sounds like a good series – I will have to give it a try.

    Rubia, try Amazon. You can find all kinds of books there. I usually buy them used and end up just spending a few bucks. I love Amazon!



    Just checked Amazon. The first book is called Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder and you can get it used for $0.01. With shipping, you’d pay $4.00.

    I bought one! Thanks for the tip, Linda.


    Rubia in CA, 4/28

    Thanks, GD! I found a Kindle version of that first book at Amazon. I’ve also been getting into Carole Nelson Douglas and her ‘Cat in a…’ series. Again, I’ve read most of the more recent ones, but I can’t find ebook versions of her earlier books. I am totally hooked on my iPad ebook readers, especially since I can read in bed without disturbing Mr. Rubia. 🙂



    I am working my way through the Hannah Swenson Series from the beginning. I just finished Peach Cobbler Murder tonight. I also got the cookbook and have made LOTS of cookies. Deffinately a great series if you like murder mysteries, but with a lighter side. I LOVE Moishe!



    Sounds like a good recommendation – I’ll check it out. I just got the kindle version of War Horse.

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