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    Just saw the separate forum for introductions and thought I’d introduce myself!

    I’m Kincaid, late 20s, dude with a penchant for the femme side of things. {Drag queens have nothing on my makeup collection!} I’ve owned or been owned BY cats since I was about 5. I grew up on a farm in the midwest and have since moved south.

    I’ve been surrounded by animals my entire life; dogs, cats, cows, goats, horses… you name it I’ve probably interacted at some point of my life! Right now, though, I’m focusing all my energy on a tiny little kitten that was abandoned on my back porch less than a week ago.

    If the little bean survives, they’ll get a name and a place in our home. If not, they will be mourned, and we’ll prepare to adopt another kitty at some point down the line.



    Welcome to TDK Kincaid!

    I hope that your kitty thrives. He is so awesomely cute! I thought that his name was Bean, but hey your kitty, your naming prerogative.

    I’m owned by the kit in my avatar, Dorian Gray Esq., more commonly known as Dorry. He’s a silver grey tabby (hence the name, although he does look way younger than his picture hehehe). He’s a bit over 7 yrs old, I’m somewhat older. 😉

    Feel free to join us in the TDK Café, the place where we come to chat … and then chat some more. Or drop into any of the threads. KJ



    Hi Kincaid!!
    Welcome to our happy home! We are the fluffiest place to be on the internet, no bad vibes here ever.

    I have raised many kittens into cats since we live on a farm (in the Midwest!) and I couldn’t stand to let them die at the hands of predators…so I have Thumbalina, Bowtie, Leona, Willow, and just recently little 5 week old Peso. Yes, I know that’s a lot of cats but what do you do? 😳

    I am surely envious of your makeup collection and love your sense of humor. Best of luck with your sweet kitten, please stop into the Cafe and have a cup of whatever we are serving that day!



    Such lovely kitties! And wonderful humans too 😉

    Yes, after a lifetime of miscarriages, deaths due to cold, complications at birth or after… I tend to gravitate towards the medievalist approach “Don’t give it a name until you know it’s going to live.” A bit macabre, maybe, but I get damned attached damned quick.

    We’ll see after sexing the kit, since I ended up with a half-bengal we’d named Hecate turning into a male named Loki a few years back. {Loki unfortunately succumbed to a blockage of some sort and passed before we could get him in to a vet. Thankfully, my situation has drastically improved since then, to where emergency care isn’t AS much of an issue should it be required. Thank Gods.}

    The little bean is currently curled up beside and on top of me, swatting and everything that moves, and in general being an adorable nuisance. Given his activity level vs how much he’s actually eaten to day, I’m not too worried. This morning was a bit rough, unfortunately but I’ll put that in the other thread.



    Hey Kincaid,

    Welcome, we love new litter mates! I was so happy when I stumbled across TDK.

    I’ve been owned by many kits and will do so…furever. My gang is Miss Gaea (black tabby Manx), LilBit Guy (Orangie tabby) and Miss Moppet (Grey/white DLH).

    Little Bean is precious and I’m glad he found your doorstep. If you want to see KZ’s wee Peso, go to the Friday TDK cafe.

    Do check in often 😎




    Welcome to the fluffiest place on the I’net Kincaid.
    What a sweet wee kit you have rescued. I hope the wee bean(love that description) continues to thrive.
    My avatar is Moonshadow aka Shadz or HR. She is almost 16 and is a dappled black Tortie. We live in the the Southern Pacific in New Zealand.
    I have always had pets, mainly cats but at one stage they included a dog pack(all working farm dogs), a pig, hens and a horse as well as sheep.

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