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    Has anyone read this book? It’s an international bestseller and Bob and his owner can be seen on Youtube. It’s a quick read and very heartwarming. I highly recommend!



    Hey PK, how are you? I’m always looking for a good book recommendation, thanks! I am going to see if it’s available on kindle.



    No, I heard about it previously though. Quite an amazing story. And a good reminder not to judge a person or animal by appearances.


    Rubia in CA, 4/28

    Great book. Bob is certainly an amazing cat. I was posting on the Tuesday cafe that I had actually seen Bob and James busking near the Covent Garden tube station. I have sort of posted a link there to my photo album… Still trying to figure out how to make that work properly! Meanwhile, head over to the cafe to have a look. 🙂



    I’ve read it and loved it. I had to look up what “busking” meant, though! I sort of could gather what it meant but I had never heard that word before.



    It IS a great book! I bought it for my sister for Christmas and she loved it too! After she shares with her friends and neighbor and they are done reading it, I will get a turn. I did read parts of it before I wrapped it up, just to see what it was like. I kind of jumped around just to have a look. My sister sat down and read the whole thing! 🙂
    That is SO cool that Rubia actually SAW them in person! WOW!!!


    i havnt heard of it, but it sounds good!


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Rubia, I am envious of you actually seeing them 🙂

    The book is a quick read, there are different versions of it. I ordered mine from Amazon and it came from the U.K. and I believe that there is a follow-up book too 🙂

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