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    My partner and I are getting two kittens in a few weeks. Ideally we would have liked the kittens to have been from the same litter but unfortunately it wasn’t possible. One female is a full Ragdoll and the other female is a Ragdoll x Birman x Persian cross. Both are within a week off each other age wise. In terms of their character, neither seemed particularly dominant in their litter when interacting with their siblings. We also have a border collie.

    We wanted to be as prepared as we can be for the kittens’ arrival and wanted some advice regarding bringing the kittens home. The kittens are currently 5 weeks old. What age should we aim to bring them home (8-10 weeks? Closer to 12 weeks?)? Should both kittens be brought home at the same time or should one be allowed to settle for a few days before we introduce the second kitten?

    Other than that we have been reading about the best way to introduce the kittens to the house and the dog to the kittens and vice versa.

    We would appreciate any other advice as we want to do this right. Thanks for taking the time to respond.



    Concats on you’re potential new furries. I believe two are as much fun as one and they can keep each other company. The breed doesn’t make a difference since you’re bring them home at the same time. Kittens aren’t usually weaned by mom until a minimum of 8 weeks.

    Before you bring your kittens home, prepare a small room or space that will be theirs for the first few days or weeks. Having a smaller area to explore at first will help your kittens get comfortable with their new home. Be sure to secure all electrical and blind cords because kittens will get in trouble. Have all the supplies needed available and ready, such as water and food bowls, kitten food, a litterbox, a scratching post, safe toys, a bed and a breakaway collar with a bell. I say this about the bell because you’re not used to have kittens around so this will give you fair warning. I recommend having them micro chipped just in case they escape. Ask their vet to show you how to trim their claws.

    Since you have a dog, is it possible to find two kittens that are familiar with dogs? It will be stressful if they’re meeting the new “other” if either haven’t see one. That’s not a requirement, just a thought on my part.

    That’s about all.

    Good luck



    I agree with PG, I would bring them both home at the same time. They don’t know each other and they will both be coming into a new home for the first time. I don’t think you will have any trouble getting them accustomed to your home and the rhythm of things, my concern of course, is the dog. If it is not trained to sit, stay, etc. then all it will do is chase the kittens. Doesn’t sound particularly threatening to humans, but to a kitten/cat the dog is a predator and they are prey. You are setting yourself up for disaster if the dog (no matter how cute you think it is) is acting alert with ears forward, quivering, whining, wanting to get to the kittens. Make sure you have places for the kittens to get up and away such as cat trees, etc. but since they are kittens and very young ones at that, you will need to monitor this 24/7.

    I would wait to bring them home closer to the 10 to 12 week old age because you will be sure they are fully weaned.



    You can watch a good problem solving show online about cats/dogs living together. Jackson Galaxy and Zoie Sandor help people with their cats and dogs cohabitating together. Just Google Cat vs. Dog and you can get great advice.

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