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    My old cat Whiskers (10 years) and his brother Rascal (but mostly whiskey) have been losing weight. They had worms, and were treated. (going back to vet this week to make sure they are gone) but lost a bit of weight. Were already slim cats, and because they are old, a little scrawny. They aren’t very thin, between 11 and 13 pounds. But whiskers did lose a few pounds when he was lost about a week. (got worms and was lost in the care of my cousins while we were moving into a condo that doesnt allow pets) but my dad went up, found lost whiskers, and brought him and his brother rascal back to his new place that allows pets. Its not that Whiskers and Rascal aren’t eating, its just that they are old and have been sick, and I want them to be plump and healthy for winter. ( dont want them to get sick) We keep them inside mostly all winter, they dont like snow anyway.) Is there any good food that will help them gain weight and will support their immune systems. Whiskers in particular need to put on some pounds and could use something that will make his coat provide him a little more warmth. Its pretty shaggy right now. I know this sounds like my cat is in poor shape, but really he is okay and not sick anymore. I am just overprotective and worried about him. my icon is a recent picture of him and as you can see he is fine and dandy. I just want him to put on a little weight from the small amount he lost. His brother too

    Also, is there a way that I can get my old cats to have more fun? I am not going to let them out as much now that they are getting older, but is there something I can do to get them to have more fun and be happier? Anything that you as pet owners know cats love and help old cats. treats? games? toys? Whiskers and Rascal have had to deal with new additions to the family, have had three other cats brought into their home and a dog. but now they are just living with one other cat in their new home. (dog and other cat are with cousins temporarily) They deserve a calmer happier life especially since they have done alot of moving around and gone through some illness in the past year.



    Try a high calorie wet food. I know Wellness grainfree cans are high calorie. A few pieces of EVO dry also really helps add up calories.



    thank you! they both love wet food and its a treat from their regular dry so I’ll try it!


    10 years is not that old anymore for a cat. Let them eat as much as they want. Try some smelly cat tuna—-as they age their sense of smell isn’t as good, and they aren’t as attracted to food. Definitely keep them indoors now so their bodies don’t have to burn calories for heat.



    Thank you for the help! yes they love tuna.



    My “help” to you isn’t specifically designed for old cats but any cats “in trouble” with the too little weight issue. You might be helped by my story. Howard use to get outside despite our efforts to keep him an indoor cat. He got hit by a car and the lower part of his mouth had to be wired shut. The vet had us feeding him through a tube every 4 hours for 2 months. Initially he lost a lot of weight because of the shock, surgery etc. and we were concerned that he would not gain weight but with loving care he recovered and when it was finally time to take the tube out he had actually gained weight! Here is what our doctor had us feed him and I don’t know of any reason why it couldn’t just be fed to your cat in a normal manner. Here is the vet’s formula for Howard:

    1. equal parts egg yolk, strained baby food and water


    2. 3 oz. egg yolk

    3 oz. strained baby food

    3 oz. water

    1 tsp. cooking oil

    1 tbsp. corn syrup

    Blend at high speed for 60 seconds. Strain twice through kitchen strainer. Warm slightly.

    For diet #1 275 ml per day

    For diet #2 above give 210 ml per day

    We used diet #2 above. Howard got back to normal – his beautiful self.



    thank you! If high calorie foods don’t seem to be getting his weight up I’ll try that



    I’m going thru this myself… but my kitty is really old — 19! she has had diabetes since 2003, diagnosed with hyperthyroid Oct. 2008, and kidney problems this past March. She has lost so much weight. She lost her surragate kitten/companion of 14 years last July and started losing weight soon after. Then the hyperthyroid diagnosis… so I’ve been investigating what foods will help her gain weight and not bother the other problems.

    First I thought bacon, fatty hamburger added to her regular food – figured on adding 100 calories a day… but found out the bacon and fatty burger has too much Phosphurous and that can tax the kidneys. I had another mixture of strawberries and a little stevia blended up with some cream cheese, which she loved and THAT is ok for kitties.

    so I found out this week, I can use vegetable oil (just add a teaspoon to their meals), or a little butter or margarine, or cream cheese, sour cream or plain yogurt, mayo, and low fat or skim milk… all these are ok for getting kitty to gain weight. Just add a bit to their meals. And if your kitty has lactose problems (most do) just crush up an extra strength lactaid pill and mix it in to your milky products. Don’t use the vanilla ones, just the plain one. They seems to work better than the flavored ones. My kitty loves a spoonful of cream cheese mixed in her canned kitty food (I’ve been using Paul Newman organic lately).

    They also said some vegetables, some fruits (strawberries are excellent choice), white rice, noodles… just look at a low phosphurous foods list, and then I avoid sugar because she’s diabetic, so will use a bit of stevia if I want to give her something sweeter. I can add a any of those to her meals, or add in between snacks/meals …

    For the strawberries, I thawed a 16 oz bag of strawberries (unsweetened), 2 packets of stevia and blended it up in a small processor.

    for a strawberries and cream mixture, put about 1/4 cup of the strawberry mixture and blend it with 4 oz cream cheese, and a bit of lactose free milk to get it to a gloppy consistency. Then I’d just give her a tablespoon or two after her dinner or sometimes just the regular strawberry mixture alongside her turkey or chicken dinner. You should see the look on her face! Like: how did I get so lucky!

    another thing when she was really sick, the only thing I could get her to eat was Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food in the Vegetable Turkey Dinner (turkey, apples, carrots & barley). Organic baby food is great, just don’t get anything with onions in it.

    so I can take baby food, or unsweetened applesauce and mix it with the strawberry mixture, plain yogurt and maybe some steamed white rice, and she’s got a great in between meal or “dessert”.

    guess she could possibly gain a pound in 16 or so days if I can get her to eat an extra 100 calories a day.



    My kitty Binky is getting on in yrs.(15-16 yrs) & is doing the old age weight thing also. At this point in his life,I give him whatever his heart desires. He deserves it for putting up w/all that goes on in the household. He Loooooves his cooked chicken & gobbles up the Whiskas Temptation Treats. He’s happy for it all & it keeps his weight up.



    lydia will be 12 years old on oct 31st.. she’s getting “love handles” , i try to engage her in fishing pole toys ,, and chasing toys … it told her she needs to loose some weight and she “why there’s more of me to love” …lol…



    ooh sorry you want you cat to gain weight..isn’t there supplements to buy? did you try the petco website for supplements? kizzy was 13 years when she passed away and she was thin, i used a supplement to keep her weight up .. but i will have to look online to see what the name of it was…



    Strained baby food…meat version… It worked for my cat, Sushi (pt Saimese) from a few years back!



    thank you everyone!



    cooked chopped up egg whites are good for an older kitty. don’t use the yolk…



    If you want them to have fun make sure there are always a few toys around and try this, use cat treats and lightly toss them across the house so they have to run to get the treat and have to get it before the other cats/cat. Make sure everyone is alert and standing close to you to give them all a fair chance. If they don’t get start off small and go big when they do. My cats 16, 10 and 2 years old love the game my 2 year old kitty doesn’t always get it but when he does he has a blast!

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