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    Decades before Pasteur discovered that heating food kills off bacteria and prevents illness, French inventor Nicolas Appert was placing food in glass jars and heating them. This was pasteurization before anyone anyone knew exactly why it was effective, and in 1810 he was awarded 12,000F. (The Invention of Canned Food in the Early 1800s, BBC)



    Good Morning Friday!

    That last one is so Miss Moppet! I guess that’s why she’s my skinny minny girl.

    The weekend is upon us. I may get snow on Caturday, woohoo! I shouldn’t get so excited because they’ve lied to me before :-?.

    Have a happy~



    I’m a bit of a cat myself – love tinned fish. I bought some of that very dense rye bread (from a region called Friesland, divided between the Netherlands and Germany) and had two open sandwiches, one with aged goat cheese, the other with tiny sardines preserved in olive oil. Adorned with a bit of watercress. Mmmmm.

    Livia doesn’t especially like tins; she usually prefers dry food. She’s not interested in “people food” such as roast chicken or fish at all, unlike Renzo. But yes, she does hunt, and has brought me a few mice. I praise her heartily and dispose of the puir wee beastie…

    What tinned foods do daily kitteners like? And your cats?



    Tuna. Salmon. Some other stuff. Dorry only gets kit food, canned and dry.



    PG, Dorry adores skinny minny grrrls! Plse let Miss Moppet know. Hoomin or kit – it’s all that he’s used to LOL. 😎



    Wow -busy dizzy snowy day – already late lunchtime…Boss had his 2 girls in today, snow day – no school so…they are/were here!
    Lil girl pizza time
    Thankfully out for lunch for little while 😉 It’s quite for now!
    Think it’s MickeyDs…whatever, I have a break as solo catch up fun!
    (Pinted out more connect the dot pics for them/lasted about 10 mins until
    stock person gave them some bubble wrap to play with…gaah – hee hee!)

    cat friday
    My sentiments exactly!
    OK, soon to start part 2 day 5s fun….later/hope or back on triple flip…



    TGIF all! ….
    My girls all love fancy feast, particularly the tuna flavors …. Abby is a wet only girl (can’t stomach kibble) but the others get both. Caddy prefers kibble, but will take an obligatory bite of wet to show me her appreciation …

    To answer your question PG, Son is still working for the same foundation, he just got promoted to national director and hired both an east coast and west coast one, so he can work from anywhere. He travels a lot, but at his age, it’s fun and exciting! He turns 30 the end of this month and GF is flying from Central Africa for 10 days, he can’t wait! ….

    the weather is getting really warm, should be in the 80s this weekend …. I hope we get at least 1 more cool down before the unbearable heat descends!

    Heading out to our fav dine in movie place tonight …. Son is going out with friends …. life is good! Have a great evening all!



    Well, Chicken is off the menu but most fish (except shrimp) and beef are good canned food. Of course, like Miss Abby it needs gravy.

    I’m wondering what’s going to happen on Knightfall, too. Queen Joan was a lead character but her daughter is alive. hmmmm



    For those in snow and cold –



    Sliding quickly in and out of the cafe’…had our tax appointment today so had no time before to stop in. My cats like all wet food, cheap or expensive. I don’t feed much dry, but do keep some handy for when I have to run out the door at feeding time…and they LOVE it!! I mean they will come running like fiends from wherever they are to get at it. It seems to stick with them longer and they aren’t as hungry, but they drink lots of water when they eat it. I have to be careful with Willow, because he will just graze on everyone’s dry food until it’s gone…it seems to constipate him so I try not to feed it everyday.

    I like canned meats too, sardines (Mr. KZ cringes) tuna, salmon, smoked oysters, etc. it’s a little treat that I don’t indulge in often, because I’m rarely eating alone.



    Friends are mourning their big black dog, Garçon. Garçon once brought a tiny, starving black kitten home in his maw, as gently as a mother cat. Jean-Pierre walked and drove around and put up posters asking if anyone had lost a black kitten, but no, and it seems that Galinette was a stray. They have been inseparable for at least 14 years and Galinette is very, very sad. Friends even took her to the vet with Garçon who was to be euthanised – she never left his side when he was ill.

    I don’t know whether they’ll get another dog, another cat, or just hope Galinette gets used to being the only non-human being in the family.



    So sorry to hear of the passing of your friends’ dog, Lagatta. It’s so heartbreaking to lose a family member after 14 years. Of course, Galinette would be grieving too and what a great story of how she found her new home.



    Another wet day here but the temps and humidity are still up there. HRH Shadz likes canned food as long as it’s pate style or fishy and preferably Fancy feast.
    AV, wow son is doing really well with his career. He will make President of the US yet.
    KZ, I’m with Mr KZ and the cringing at sardines. Mr MS loves them especially with raw slices of onion on a sandwich. BLURCH ! I like canned salmon and sometimes make salmon fish cakes. Mmmmmmm I’m not keen on tuna but Shadz is.
    Oh Lagatta I am so sorry your friends have lost their lovely big black dog and that Galinette is mourning his friend so badly. Poor cat. It’s always difficult to know when you are ready for another furpet when you lose one. Garcon must have had a loving heart to bring a starving kitten home.
    There are wonderful aromas here, I am cooking a rolled lamb roast with my own wet/dry rub on it and also I am experimenting drying tomato slices with basil flakes on them.
    Oh yeah, the can opener wasn’t invented until 48 years after canned food ! !



    I hope your tax appointment was too painful, KZ. LilBit Guy is like Willow and will graze until it’s all gone.

    I’m sorry your friends’ dog passed on and poor Galinette is missing her best buddy. It’s hard to say, at this point, if they’ll ever be ready for another pet.

    Sardines and onion sandwich? Ewww The lamb roast sounds so much better then that sandwich.



    Why do you mock me? Reminds me of a dog from my childhood who came up to my father with the can opener in his mouth one doggy dinner time.

    Garçon sounds like a wonderful dog. He will be deeply missed by all his family, furred and non-furred.

    Neither of my cats get canned food. They both have pancreatitis (no, I don’t know what caused it) and they are on a special dried food that is the only food I have found that they will both tolerate. I have several photos of previous cats enjoying their cans, though unfortunately taken with a film camera and too faded to be worth scanning and posting.



    Yes, some love sardines; some hate them. I’m fond of them, but not all of them. They have to be small (like sprats) and not too “smelly”. The Portuguese eat fresh ones, grilled. I like fish and seafood in general, obviously with some exceptions.

    I guess tinned food was first opened with a mallet and chisel, or a bayonet; it was very important in the military; the French developed it for Napoléon’s campaigns, though real mass production only got started for wars later in the 19th century:

    Some fancy canned food is actually jarred; such as quality beans and chickpeas or dishes such as cassoulet.

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