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    COA ALERT – Cozy up to someone special, especially your furry family member(s), and share the love.




    It’s the first day of the weekend! Woohoo

    I’m watching “Shooter” with Mark Walberg and Danny Glover. It’s a good movie.

    Cya l8r and have a happy,


    nighty night



    Crossover pic –



    Moonshadow, what lovely birds! Are they native to NZ?

    It is bloody cold here… fortunately Livia makes up for what she lacks in size with great cuddle and purry skills. I’m going back to bed for a bit with the radio on softly. Radio-Canada is playing Paolo Conte, who has turned 80 today.

    100 anni! (May you live to 100, a common toast in Italian).

    KZ, X Company resumes next week…



    Hi lagatta,

    Actually it’s KJ here who’s looking forward to more of “X Company.” Awesomely well done series!

    Very cold and although ideal for staying in bed and cuddling with Dorry, will soon be headed out into it!



    Sorry, wrong K; not fully awake. I had to check my e-mails for a possible message from a client across the pond, but nobody else will contact me for work for at least 2 hours. I’m not one to stay in bed, but I’m still freezing and afraid to catch a cold.

    X Company will probably be very upsetting this season, as they are heading into Germany.



    Morning all! Great pics! ‘I surrender to cuddles’ squeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Cooling down here, but nothing like ya’ll are dealing with …. temp might dip below 60 on Sun, which is brrrrrrr cold for me! ….. Atuin is glad he has a solar thermal cover, and Miss Caddy will have her heating pad in her shed …. all will be warm and comfy ….

    finishing up some loose end/work today, looking forward to a relaxing weekend …. have a great TGIF all!



    Good morning all,,,yea it’s Friday!! It’s freakin’ cold here too today!! The woodburner is cranking out the heat though and if you get a chill–just go put your back side up to it and ahhhhh……. 😀

    I was cuddling with Avery while she fell asleep, but then I got up when my hip got to aching so bad I couldn’t stand it anymore. Mr. KZ was down here making himself a cup of coffee before he heads to town to the dentist. I persuaded him to bring lunch home so no trying to figure out one meal today!

    The pictures today of kits are seriously adorable–I hope you didn’t hurt yourself when you rolled off of your airbag PG!! Even though that did make me chuckle a bit.

    Oh, and HEY GRIMMSTERS–Grimm is back on tonight for it’s final season!



    Sorry that your hip is giving you such pain, KZ. 2 weeks to go and you’ll be on your way to being free of this sapping agony.

    Not as bitterly cold out as predicted, either that or I am well dressed for it.

    Speaking of cold, I’m beginning to feel the beginning of the crud coming on. It’s no secret that I am underrun and felt out of sorts last night, then slight sore throat, now I don’t know. Gym cohort said she felt similar symptoms and chalked it up to very dry air. Hmmm … Caturday I’ll get the rest that I so need.

    Anyway going to Knitting Circle, we were off last Fri for hols. I’m kinda hoping that the “B” with whom I had srs run-in a short while back (as I do speak up for myself) doesn’t show. My only recourse is totally ignoring her and vice-versa. Anyway, the rest of the group are friendly so it’s not something that I should waste my time trying to analyze.

    Probably won’t catch you all before my day ends so have a gr8 Caturday all! 🙂



    My buddy has to put on capris when it gets that cold in Jax. It’s good you have your work caught up and can enjoy the weekend.

    Sorry about your hip hurting so bad, KZ. It really sucks when lying in bed hurts your hip. Maybe if you can saddle up with your hip facing the wood stove it will feel better.

    Grimm is back on tonight? I’ll watch the final season even if it’s bittersweet time.

    No KJ and Lagatta-no crud! Paws crossed that you’re just tired and not getting sick.

    It’s below freezing cold here. Last night is was down to -3f/-19c and it’s slowing creeping up to 25f/-3c today. Miss Gaea wants to go out but when she sticks her nose out, she looks at me as to say “WTF?” Such is life…

    TDKers disappearing for the weekend-have a great one.




    On Radio-Canada they said that the reason it seems milder today is that the winds have absolutely died down.



    Hi everyone – cuddles and kitties, purrfect together! Interesting that those same cuddly kitties are armed with razors on their paws. Mac is a snuggler; he sometimes purrs himself to sleep, which sometimes keeps me awake. It doesn’t truly bother me though, as there will be a day I don’t hear that purring, so I’ll take it any day!
    Sorry your hip is bothering you, KZ.
    Yay, Grimm is back! We meant to watch the last episode from last season, but didn’t get to it. You would think they would have aired it to bring us up to speed.
    Comet is still quite snotty, but I haven’t heard much sneezing from him so I hope the meds are kicking in.



    Paw Up waves with wishes for all to enjoy your day!
    Yes, it’s Friiiday!
    friday coffee 🙂
    Happy day 12 of 12th Night Xmas too!`
    Time to take down the #Yule” ’til Next Year!
    12th night herbs
    In Old England, The Twelfth Night marked the end of the winter festival that started on Samhain. The Lord of Misrule symbolizes the world turning upside down with the coming of winter. The Twelfth Night began on the eve of December 25th moving forward 12 days to January 6th, hence the name the twelve days of Christmas. The festival marked the onset of the winter solstice.

    It’s still frigid here – currently +6 degrees!
    Almost time for lunch…but couple more billy buds to still finish!



    Yes JJ, Mr. KZ and I was hoping they would air last season’s finale before the coming season….it would bring us up to speed and I remember it was such a good finale too! They keep saying they will tie all loose ends up and answer all questions we Grimmsters have about ‘things’.

    KJ, take care and rest, I surely hope you don’t have the crud. At least Caturday you can play catch up on your much needed rest.

    Yes, the hip is rockin’ these days–I guess I left it go too long before I decided to have surgery. But what did I know? I’ve never had a problem like this before, or had surgery. If the other one decides to go–I’m not waiting, that’s for sure!! Thanks everyone, for the concern. But true, prayers and healing white light will surely be appreciated on the 23rd of January–that’s when the deed gets done. *sigh* It can’t get done fast enough now, I’m tired of thinking about it, and ready to start my recovery and physical therapy.



    It was a sad cuddle-up day here today – time to say goodnight to my Mum. So lots of cuddles and lots of tears – but plenty of smiles too. She left countless happy memories behind her.

    I cuddled more people today than I have done for years! And – of course – I cuddled Merlin, as ever, when we returned afterwards.

    Some lovely, if ever so slightly tear-inducing, pictures up above.




    Well, on this 12th day of Christmas I took down the lights outside on “Leela’s Tree”, aka, “The Cats’ Tree”. Hopefully will get to the indoor stuff this weekend. I never tire of my Christmas decs though, and since I didn’t decorate till very late this year I’m really not tired of them! I will make way for winter stuff.
    KZ, I’ve heard so often of people who have put off surgery on their hips, knees, etc, only to say later that they should have done it sooner. May the next few weeks be good to you leading up to the surgery.
    Oh CWS, it must have been a tough and very long day for you. (((hugs)))
    One’s passing is incredibly sad and also happy memory inducing. Merlin of course did his part in making sure he was available for cuddles.
    An interesting note. As you know, my dad passed away 12 years ago at Christmastime. I had a gift under the tree for him, and eventually picked it up and brought it home. I know exactly where I put it, not ready to open it. Years later I was ready to open it, and it’s not there! Very odd…



    Thanks, JJ – you can never have too many cuddles!

    As for your dad’s gift – I expect he decided it was time to come back and open it. When you get the thank-you letter, make sure you look and see where it was posted from.




    Goodmorning all. Yay it’s Saturday here.
    Lagatta sadly I don’t know what those birds are but definitely not from NZ, our birds are not as bright being mostly introduced from Britain or forest dwelling natives that are darker colours.
    AV, it cools down in FL?
    KZ, not long now and that hip will be dealt to and better and then yoou and Avery can cuddle even more.
    KJ, glad it isn’t as cold as they said it could be, little blessings. Noooooo, crud not allowed. If you can ever find olive leaf products for Immune boosting in Health Food shops give them a go. Either take at the first signs of something developing or when it has hit.
    JJ, I read that Comet had a trip to the vet for another injection of anti sneeze and snot juice. I hope it works quickly. Poor boy.
    CWS, all those cuddles do help I found when my dear Dad passed away over 13 years ago and those happy memories are wonderful to have going forward.
    /we got to cuddle with HRH all night last night. /the first night after Airy left HRH was happy to have the bed to herself but not lastnight.
    Spent many hot hours in the car yesterday in the car in traffic that was moving so slowly the speed didn’t register at all and at times we were stopped completely. My car doesn’t have AC so it was windows all down. What should have taken me 4 minutes all up too over 3 hours and two days prior it took me 2 hours. It was holiday traffic, people returning home because it’s back to work this coming Monday after the usual Christ/New Year break that most workplaces close down for.
    Dare I mention that the weather is hot hot even though it is cloudy. Sun umbrella up over the outdoor table and chairs and plants needing watering each day. My tomatoes are ripening and the zucchini are producing heavily as is one cucumber plant. My Buttercup pumpkin has several good size fruit on it and possibly more but it has gone wild and is a mass of leaves hiding who knows how many more pumpkin. My red cabbages are hearting up nicely and the banana peppers are getting some length and girth to them now. My dwarf beans are reaching high for dwarf plants and soon we will have meals from them.



    Oh YUM! I LOVE hearing how your garden is doing MS, with all that wonderful produce…it’s just awesome to be able to walk out the door and pick something for lunch or dinner. I really miss my herb garden too, as I had a parsley plant that was so large it looked like a small shrub this year. I always grow enough to share with the lovely black and yellow swallowtail caterpillars that love my parsley.

    CWS, saying goodbye is so hard and so very draining. It’s hard to remember the details of a funeral/wake sometimes until years later and you remember little things. Hugs and blessings to you.

    JJ, I meant to send some white light and healing vibes to Comet in the hopes it helps with his snotty little nose. Poor guy. My little Maxwell never clears up entirely and I have tried everything. I can’t figure it out and obviously the vet can’t either. 😐



    CWS, I hope it wasn’t too hard. I remember the funeral for my mum, not in my city but in a village not very far away. She lived to 98, but past 95 was pretty much always sleeping. Not Alzheimer’s, some other malady of great age.

    Yes, of course you had to cuddle your pussycat when all was said and done.

    It is very cold here and I’m toddling of to bed with Livia.

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