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    Bird watching is a favourite pastime of millions of people. It’s also enjoyed by kits – often with the intention to do more than just watch!



    What bird? 😆

    When I first moved here I had feeders for Mourning doves, Chickadees, and Sparrows. Alas, Miss Gaea thought they were her snacks so I took the feeders down. *sigh* I miss not hearing the birds in the morning. Now, all I hear are crows. Yuk!

    I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and the weekend.

    Have a happy~



    The winds have dropped and now it’s just light rain for us and HRH is finally outside.



    YAY, it’s Friday!! LOVE the pics everyone…my cats are always at the ‘bird window’ making chirps and clicking noises! I love the flying noms pic!

    OK, still cold here, but hey it’s 10 degrees–woo hoo! Double digits! I hope those on the east coast are faring well–like JJ and crew.

    Avery and I are going downstairs and rummage around to see what’s for lunch. And to put another piece of wood in the stove….



    Like a bird, on a wire…

    I wish I had those six black cats to cuddle up with me tonight. Livia got my back… I was sleeping on my side and she was in-between me and a long cushion (like a “body pillow”, but in a velvety material) which was against the wall. She had of course managed to identify the warmest spot in the house. So I managed to sleep very well, though winter storms make me anxious.

    I fear that the storm will mean no postal delivery today… I’m awaiting a rather large cheque. A smaller one came right away.



    “Angry Cats” hehehe!

    Lagatta there is postal delivery today as in I got my mail and earlier than usual and am hoping that a package will arrive at my n’hood PJC as i missed delivery yest.

    IMHO not that bad out unless the gale-like winds hit. Still now that I’m back in I’m giving Knitting Circle a miss. Want to be close to home in case I don’t feel good. However plan to check if pkg arrives in pm, if so I’ll prob do p/u.

    Brought up my space heater from locker. Wonder if it will help me to lower the heat or at least focus the heat directly on me. Hmm …



    Paw up waves – TGiF! Yay, it’s Friiday!
    Hee hee…cats & birds LOL
    cat mocking bird
    here kitteh kitteh ~ Lalalala Mocking Bird…lalalala 😀

    cat mocking bird in flight
    watch the birdie 🙂
    cat mocking bird here it comes
    here it comes 😉

    Oh oh…
    cat eagle
    hee hee!

    here’s same link as gif – animated!
    OK, back to desk to finish up part 1 day 5s fun!



    Happy TGIF everyone! Glad to hear everyone is staying warm! I had to LOL @ your description of Livia ‘having your back’, Lagatta – Abby sleeps with me, and she too wants go get under the covers and snuggle against my back when it’s cold – we had freeze warnings last night.

    My comfort food chicken/dumplings were delish last night, I made a big batch so I could freeze some for another meal next week.

    I was bummed to hear from Dau that the crockpot/pressure cooker we got her for Christmas had an error. She called Crockpot and they are immediately shipping her another one. Apparently it’s their latest new model, and they told her they had a defective batch that got in some retailers, so they will ship her another one, no questions asked. Good company! I’m excited to hear from her how she likes it, it does like 8 things – a slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, yogart maker and more …. cool new fangled appliance!!



    A post shared by @fosterkittensofpasadena on



    cuteness overload alert!

    What a dear wee baby!

    It’s the little wee baby from Pasadena… grow, baby grow baby, grow baby grow!

    AV, yes, I mean Livia has my back in the epic battle against General January.

    Our postal substation is at Pharmaprix at the corner of St-Denis and Bélanger, not PJC. I guess retailers bid for the concession.



    On 2nd trip out to PJC pharm post office discovered that weather has turned very not nice! As in srsly windy and cold! In retrospect was good that I was carrying home parcel containing 2 x 5 lb ankle wts (1 of which I wear on my knee when doing certain exercises which I continue lo these many yrs from physio days). Very hard to find 5 lb soft wraparound ankle wts, surprisigly Walmart came through! ‘Cause wind was for sure pushing me around and I don’t take kindly to getting pushed around either figuratively or literally! 😉

    Outta here! Gr8 Caturday all!



    Good morning TDKers.
    It’s Saturday and the storm has left us and headed south, KK and Airy have the tail end of it. What a vicious storm it was and with the supermoon and king tides and the wind in the right or wrong direction there was flooding all around my city harbour areas and it’s a big harbour with many arms. Houses and camp grounds, a hospice and commercial areas inundated. The roads yesterday were green with leaves blown from trees and everywhere you looked there were branches big and small lying under trees. Sadly in a town near mine a motorist was killed when a large tree fell on her car. We’ve gone from dry and water restrictions to soaking wet ground, slips and floods with this tropical storm although it was never classed officially as a cyclone-hurricane. Today is overcast, warm and with a moderate wind and my washing line will be getting used soon. Found one tomato plant bent over to the ground this morning but it should be fine if I tie it up carefully. HRH is outside skipping around looking at all the changes like piles of leaves everywhere and sniffing out new smells.
    KZ, 10 degrees, isn’t that positively warm compared to what you have been getting. LOL, I rummage around for food too.
    Lagatta your description of Livia having your back is lovely. The two of you have a mutual admiration group going on when it comes to warmth.
    KJ, hope today you feel better. Stay warm.
    JK, great pics of the cat and the mockingbird. 😀 I have always been amazed by the cat and eagle vid.
    AV, Abby is another smart cat, I guess that’s why they have staff. Well that stinks and then doesn’t about your gift to daughter. It’s great when a company makes good on a fault without you having to get heavy with them. We have a Consumer Guarantees Act here in NZ which covers and protects the consumer as long as they remember to stand up for their rights and an organisation that will advise you how to. So many retailers try to get away with not replacing or repairing thing until you mention the Act and then things happen.
    PG, COA required for the cute wee tabbyette.
    Lagatta, love that you adapted the song for the kitty, you had me smiling like crazy.
    Washing is finished so I had better hang it out and get the next load going. The sun has come out and the day is becoming rather humid and it’s only just after 10am.
    Oh had a message from KK, her big boy tabby cat Ringo caught a mouse lastnight and gave it to Bhodi her male Siamese twin. So nice of him. This morning it was a dead spaarrow that ‘Uncle Ringo’ gave nephew Bhodi. Ringo is teaching Bhodi bad habits. Leia, Bhodi’s sister has been hunting on her own and brought home a crayfish shell – empty and the hollowed out crust of a loaf of bread. Crazy.



    Almost time to say ta ta and back on the triple flip!
    weekend fun

    Weekend Almost Here…starts in about 1 hr!

    Take care – keep safe & warm in WinterZone, stay cool MS/NZ
    Smooches for purry/furries…later!



    Hold on KJ. Just as well that you were picking up those weights.



    Hi all – “What bird?”
    Bing’s homepage wallpaper is a beautiful photo of Bohemian Waxwings. To me they resemble a short and round version of a female cardinal.
    Awesome bird and kitty pics! I miss feeding the birds, stopped when I took over the care of the JJ cats. I used to see so many different kinds of birds, and the winter backdrop made them really stand out. I never fed them in the summer, as that would attract bears.
    Double digits, KZ, woo-hoo! I think JK is having similar weather.
    JK, that cat in the photo sequence is beautiful!
    Glad Crockpot is sending a replacement, AV. It certainly would be bad business not too. Please let us know how she likes it, it sounds like an awesome appliance!
    Hey Lagatta, I see what you did there. *grow baby grow* Good earworm, actually!
    Hi KJ, if the winds are as fierce by you as they are here, it was probably helpful to happen to have those weights! Getting pushed by the wind/Mother Nature is annoying.
    Wow MS, that was quite a storm. It’s sad when you go from water restrictions and the like to flooding conditions. I have to admit I did a little air fist pump for Ringo!
    I haven’t seen Huey since the height of the storm yesterday, and didn’t see Mama Cat today. I was at work till early afternoon, so I may have missed them. Still, it’s worrying to know they are outside in this weather; temps are diving to even more dangerous levels this weekend, and the winds right now are vicious. Berta has become a regular inside, I guess it’s been about a week now. Star will pop out of the heated shelter and come inside to eat, but so far does not want to stay in. It’s easy to say I should have made them stay inside, but the reality is that it’s not easy to do so. I have held both Huey and Mama Cat in the house, treating them to the warmth of the wood burner, but they tremble, so if they just come in to eat and warm up/dry off on an inclement day and go back out, it’s a start.



    Cats – birds – great pics, but quite a problem. When we moved to our current abode I had a large enclosure built so the cats could enjoy outside without encountering birds. Somehow our Archie managed to pull a bird through the mesh anyway (a pest species – Indian mynah). And a few times birds have got in by themselves and had to be got out again. But I’m sure it’s saved many bird lives and probably cat lives too. (The pic is Polly, where we lived previously. She played with that feather for weeks.)

    Everyone, keep safe and may your kits keep safe too! Here in Melbourne it’s heat – they’ve upped the forecast to 42C (107F). I just can’t imagine what your cold on the other side of the world must be like.



    Oh, and yes, Grow Baby Grow indeed. What a gorgeous little kit, and obviously determined to thrive.



    JJ, I saw that pic on Bing too, what a pretty pic, the birds look like ornaments on a Christmas tree.
    As for keeping a cat indoors when they want to be out, you may as well try and hold water in your hands. It’s not going to happen without stressing them out. Positive Vibes for Huey and Mama Cat to have found somewhere out of the snow.
    PM, Archie deserves a medal for catching an Indian Mynah, they are so darned smart they will sit on the road as you drive along and then take one step sideways so you don’t hit them. I don’t think I have ever seen a dead one on the road. They are a pest in the yard, chasing off other birds and eating all the food and their raucous sound is an offence to the ears. What a beautiful pic of Polly and her favourite feather.
    I was reading about your temps today and how it will be like a blast furnace and advising people to stay inside. Then I see you will have a 20C drop tomorrow. Keep cool and hydrated and I hope there are not the bush fires that the fire service are preparing for. My niece and family return early next week to Melbourne so will miss the furnace temps.
    Airy collected the house cats this morning from their cattery and had a noisy meowing drive home. One cat seemed to have preferred the cattery and Mr B who had broken his hip in a road incident late last year has really grown in the 2.5 short weeks they were there. Pics of them are being sent to the Meowmy and Daddy who are away getting married.



    PM, I was preparing something for dinner and suddenly thought of you as it is something perfect for a hot day.
    Gazpacho or in this case Gazpachocado – basically a cold tomato soup with chopped vegetables in it. Really refreshing after a hot day.
    Here is the recipe thread started by my sister KK and some funny banter from TDKers and how it got the name gazpachocado.

    Gazpacho recipe

    Wow, that thread is full of memories and laughter of TDKers who don’t post now and others who have crossed the Bridge to be greeted by their kitties waiting for them in the Meadow.



    I’m happy to report that Huey showed up. He wouldn’t come in, even to eat, so I gave him his breakfast outside, plus a heaping bowl of crunchies. Yay Huey!

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