Friday 3/11/2017 – The Café Bites Into Sandwich Day!

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    Today Chef Kitty and staff have laid out a buffet of all your fave sammie fixins, plus every imaginable type of bread, rolls, bagel. Be bold and daring … try a new sandwich!



    That wee OT can have all my sammich any time.

    Yes welcome! 😮

    I had a good day and I finish PT tomorrow. I hope Willow is getting better.

    Cya and have a happy~





    Thanks PG, as I am typing this on my laptop, my big Willow climbed up into my lap and is making this difficult. He has forgiven me for taking him to the vet, and he seems to be feeling better. I hope that this is true. I would hate to have them have to catheter him finding out he has crystals or stones. He doesn’t seem to be in pain and must be peeing although I haven’t been able to see him in the box. I forgot to say before that he weighs a whopping 17 pounds! The doctor didn’t seem concerned at all but that he is just a very large cat. 😳



    TGIF…finally ~ it’s coffee time at my desk 😉
    coffee friday

    No Sammich yet…how about an Orange!
    Orange Friday
    and an Orangie!
    Later, Hopeful



    JK that coffee looks awesome – there is a coffee slated in my near future but this one looks way better! :mrgreen:

    And a sammie – on pita. If I were to ever find myself gluten intolerant G-d forbid it would be very not good. 😮

    Proved yet again that most times being proactive works.I’d been waiting since Sept. for a $10 coupon towards a well-known brand of cosmetics as I was not satisfied with my purchase. Today I called for 3rd time and by way of apology they are sending add’l coupon. $20 for make-up, not bad at all!

    Plus finally arranged for fix-it guy to come next wk and see what can be done re 2 of my kitchen drawers. Wish I had a sorta permanent handyman like AV’s Scottie.

    Warmer out, yet overcast and rainy. Did household stuff after gym so getting ready to head over to Knitting Circle. Sabbath starts pretty early, 5:20, and once we set clocks back Saturday night next Fri it comes in at 4:11. Ends earlier too, but I’m so used to sleeping on the day that I end up getting up like at 7-ish anyway.

    So If I’m not back l8r I’ll wish all a gr8 Caturday!



    Yup, coffee time ALL day as TGIF!
    coffee hour
    Spotted on today’s lunchtime walk ~ sunny +40s around here today!
    treen trees
    Still green with roses blooming…hmm, global warming – eh!

    OK…part 2 day 5 is still going on…but back on triple flip
    Mwah – smooch for Tux…way later!



    Happy TGIF everyone!

    Some of my favorite samis (very southern many of them!)

    Tomato and mayo, salt/pepper

    Grilled fontina cheese with roasted red pepper & aoli sauce

    Fried bologna with mustard & dill pickel

    Swiss cheese & dill pickle with mayo

    Egg salad & green olive

    salmon & cucumber

    cream cheese and hot pepper jelly

    Ok, now I’m hungry! … LOL …

    Hope everyone has a great evening! See ya’ll on the flip side at the weekend café!



    Happy Sandwich Day! I like me a good sammie, and Jersey deli’s make good ones! My favorites are Italian subs, liverwurst and swiss on rye, and of course grilled cheese.

    Today has been mild here in Jersey, with a few showers earlier. Beautiful photo on your walk, JK, thanks for sharing!

    Good deal on the makeup, KJ!



    Good morning all, Saturday has dawned warm and overcast. In fact it’s a little on the muggy side. We may or may not get rain and at the moment the sky has darkened but it should only be light showers from the edge of a front passing down the other side of the local ranges. HRH was up bright and early after yesterdays mammoth 18 hour sleep-in. She has wolfed down a sizable pile of raw meat and headed outside.
    KZ, so good to hear that Willow doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort.
    KJ, kudos on the extra coupon and keeping the company honest re their promise.
    JK, lovely green scene for the chilly north this time of year.
    I like a good sandwich, my favourites would have to be cold corned beef or cold roast beef thinly sliced with crisp lettuce. Or is it pastrami and tomato slices. Have you ever tried a sandwich of potato chips especially onion flavoured ones? Mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm. When we were kids Mum used to give us Vegemite and walnut sandwiches, superb especially as the walnuts came from trees on the farm she grew up on and tasted so wonderful compared to those horrid waxy ones that were sold in stores.
    Of course all this is moot as I am not eating bread now 😥 , too starchy. So I get to eat all the fillings instead as a salad but although I love the fillings they aren’t quite the same without grainy bread lovingly surrounding them like an edible napkin.
    Oh hell, I want a sandwich ! ! ! 😳
    AV, I had to google what Fontina cheese was like, we don’t have it here but we can get cheese that are similar but not quite Fontina. Sounds delicious anyway. You had my mouth watering with your sandwich fillings, I love egg salad sandwiches, here we like to add curry powder to the egg when mixing and I sometimes leave out the curry ans add in my own smoked paprika. Such a lovely warm smokey egg sandwich.
    Oh the torture.



    I would like to request Positive Vibes and Healing Energy for one of the cats where Airy lives. We’ll call him B, he appears to have been hit by a car and was found by his Mama hiding under their car and taken to the vet where he has spent two nights with bruising and a dislocated hip. His hip has been manipulated back into place but if it pops out again then he is in for an expensive operation. He is a cuddly tabby boy who loves snuggling with Airy at night or sleeping noisily under her bed. Even his big sister who doesn’t appreciate his antics is missing him.



    KZ, so glad Willow seems to be on the mend. Our Harry does the empty-through-all-orifices on his vet trips, too. Pee-ew!

    Great pics all. Dis is hunting – I remember our cats proudly coming home like that during a garbage strike. It’s amazing what they’ll consider edible if they steal it.

    No, no new electronics here in PM villa – it was my old computer that went phwt.



    We used to eat bologna/mayo/tabasco peppers/potato chips sammies. A very well rounded lunch.

    Oh MS-here lots of healing vibes for Mr. B. I hope he doesn’t need surgery.

    PM, Since your old computer is the one that down, are you getting a new computer? Mac or PC?



    Prayers for B, MS
    Hope he’s doing better!
    PM, I hope you can get the ‘tronics sorted out, I hate when things go on the blink!



    PG, no, not getting a new computer. The PC I’m using now is my workhorse, running Windows 7; the dead one was its predecessor. I’d kept it because it ran XP and my scanner worked well under XP but only marginally under Windows 7. Basically, I update the computer when I’m forced to update software.

    MS, I hope Mr B is OK! The Saturday theme doesn’t seem to apply to cats around cars.

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