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    Confucius gave the world many teachings, as well as 499 famous sayings. If the saying is humorous, chances are it is not a true saying from this great scholar. But if it relates to kits, who knows?

    This one never holds true for TDKers! Hehehe! 😉



    Good morning–KJ, I LOVE the second pic and I believe it to be true! 😆

    I’ll bet it’s nippy in your neck of the woods, because it certainly is here too, but refreshing. The cats love the windows being open and sniffing the breezes, especially the one by the bird feeders, LOL! When birds fly in and out of the bushes by the window, the cats hunker down and sometimes run away acting like they fear for their lives!



    Morning KZ,

    Quote in second pic is for sure true and I see evidence of this time and again. *Sigh*

    It is very nippy. And yet I still see peeps in summer-gear and sandals, and other peeps in winter jackets – go figure! 🙄 I’m glad to be able to wear my sweaters and tights but might have to add a jacket to the look. Supposed to warm up again next wk – not 40C but a bit. I actually prefurr the heat. But my place is snug and warm and opening the windows is nice alternative to A/C.

    Doing my household chores including the bedding turnover. Don’t quite enjoy turning huge queen-size mattress, and getting duvet into cover, but I will enjoy sinking into fresh bedding later, so it’s worth the effort! 🙂



    Morning all! …. nippy is a figment of my imagination at the moment, as it promises to be 95+ today, and muggy as usual! I’ll be lucky if we get below 80 by Christmas!

    Son flies back from Egypt on Sun. today he is riding a camel and visiting the pyramids …. can’t wait for those pics! Yesterday he toured the Suez canal reno …. oh the life of those millenials!

    Caddy has turned into a wet food fan (finally), with her favorite flavor being what I call ‘stinky tuna’ …. cause it gives her major tuna breath! LOL …… of course, Abby and Son’s girls love all wet food!



    Paw Up – TGIF with coffee!
    coffee garfield
    Adding my 2.5 cents:
    Confuscius blk cat lol

    Soon – lunchtime
    take out cat never full
    Timez for Nomz yet…



    Hi all – busy couple of days at work; there’s always something new I need to know. Of course, as soon as I get home, there are hungry cats, and when they’ve eaten, they expect lovin! Huey has been awol for breakfast but comes around in the evening. He knows I save his breakfast for him! Oh and now Mama Cat and Dewey have lost their collars, sigh. Might be worth seeing if the shelter can get them at a reduced price for which I can reimburse. It’s getting pricey buying 2-3 from Amazon every other month.

    Nice day here in Jersey, and cooler. Though it feels nice, it means winter is coming. Hoping to get to some fall cleanup this weekend.



    I escaped. I’m settled in my nephews for the next couple of days. Thanks for the warm healing wishes. My Navy buddy, who lives in JAX, was on her way to Burbank to see her mom. She made a detour to Denver this morning to say hi. ????. She’s a beautiful woman.

    Cya and have a happy~



    Paws up ! MS is in the Cafe – briefly.
    PG, great to see that you have escaped to your nephew and that a navy buddy was able to detour to come and visit you. Positivity = healing.
    I can’t stay at the moment, I harvested all the beets from my garden and they are cooking prior to pickling in jars for some and freezing others. The smell is superb.
    We are still getting rain at least once a day and everyone is so over the wet stuff. Nothing outside has time to fully dry out before it’s wet again, the lawn is mossy and the paths are turning green and the decking will need a darn good scrub down once we get genuine dry weather. The lawns are growing as the lawnmower man mows them. It’s crazy.
    Well I better go and deal with the beets, my hands will be such a lovely bloody colour if I can’t find some gloves.
    He he he he he he he



    Several jars of beets pickling and hands only lightly stained.



    Confucius jokes are silly and fun, but please don’t say “Confucius say”. Confucius was one of the most literate men of his time, anywhere in the world, and would never have made such a blooper of a grammatical error in his own language:

    Confucius say what? Whitewashed by the colorblind

    As for English, it didn’t actually exist so long ago; there were many West Germanic dialects that combined with early Celtic dialects and colloquial Latin to different degrees, eventually forming such languages as English, Flemish/Dutch and what became German (not forgetting Yiddish and many other stateless or minority Germanic languages).

    The silly jokes are just as funny if they begin with “As Confucius says”.



    Lagatta, I see your point, but it’s all in fun and we can’t adjust the wording on the pics selected for the daily Café theme.



    Yes, I know, and I most certainly wasn’t accusing you of being in the slightest racist. Just that the “bad grammar” (in English trope) can be very upsetting. The jokes are just as silly/funny if Confucius speaks in the translated words of a great scholar.



    No offense taken Lagatta. But bad grammar cannot be corrected when pics are uploaded. We have to go with the wording/pics as we find them. As an example there’s LOL-speak which has to be the worst grammar in the known world. 😉



    Yes, but cats would have to form a lobby group to fight that. Fat chance!

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