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    There are good reasons to “brown bag” it. First of all, it can save a lot of money, over buying lunch on a daily basis. Second, home made or foods packed from home always taste better and can be more healthy and nutritious.



    I hope you like your lunch! eek!

    It’s Friday and a long weekend for Americans. No matter what date Memorial Day falls on, we celebrate on the last Monday of May. That’s so we can have more parties.

    Have a happy weekend~



    Brown bagging kitty style
    Hmm brown bagging is not a term I am familiar with but the act of brown bagging is familiar. I make Mr MS’s lunch every morning. Sandwiches, snacks, more snacks, fruit and a thermos of tea. Definitely healthier and cheaper.



    Yay, it’s Friday! And looking forward to a long weekend. I did get some more things put in my little garden last night–green beans, cucumbers and more onions. It’s wonderful to be able to walk into the yard and bring in fresh produce. I am already using my herbs in the garden right outside the kitchen door.

    What a gorgeous day it is here. The sun is blazing and birds are singing–only drawback when I walked out the door was the smell of skunk that hit me squarely in the face when I stepped onto the porch! 😆

    Off to the shower to start my day and hopefully it does a better job of waking me up than my coffee did!



    Paw up – almost lunchtime fun around here!
    Adding my creative 2.5cents share for theme:
    brown bag cat fun
    Get creative with your daily lunch bag…
    cat hair lunch bag
    LoL…truism as daily ritual in coffee or nomz – on clothing!

    Ok, time to finish up before li’l walke…later/?



    TGIF all! …. looking forward to a nice long weekend of relaxation. Nothing big planned, it’s supposed to rain all weekend, since there’s a system out in the gulf. Shouldn’t hit us, but will produce soaking rains …. suits me, it means reading/porch time with Miss Caddy.

    At Son’s request, I made Chicken Schawarma for dinner last night. He brought me a beautiful assortment of spices from Israel, so I googled a number of recipes and gave it a go. It really turned out good, including the spicy brown rice to go with it and the yogurt/tahini drizzle sauce …. it will be in our repertoire from now on! ….

    KZ, your garden sounds lovely, when Son gets moved in , he’s going to make one in his gigantic back yard, it will be fun!

    MS, brown-bag is a familiar American term, I packed my kid’s lunches for school, and still pack Mr. AV and Son lunch/snacks when they head out to work on a property.

    Hope everyone is having a great day! L8R all!!



    I want the brown bag with a black cat inside! (Not to eat, of course).

    Nowadays I often take a salad, so it is in a washable container, not a bag.

    We commemorate fallen military as well as those who survived (and are still living or died of something else) on the 11th of November, Remembrance Day (not picnic weather in Canada, though it probably is in the Southern Hemisphere). We had a long weekend this past weekend, known as Victoria Day, except in Québec where it is la Journée des patriotes (the Patriotes took part in a rebellion in 1837 that was strongest in Lower Canada (part of modern Québec) but also took place in Upper Canada (part of modern Ontario).

    But it should be known as Gardening Day, as it is the traditional date at least in the more southerly parts of Ontario and Québec, when people flood gardening centres and other retailers selling flowers, herbs and vegetable sets.

    KZ, not much local produce up here yet, though the weather is finally fair, so we should soon. The only local green vegetable I’ve bought so far is asparagus. So looking forward to some little green beans! But Livia is happy to go down into the garden and munch on some grass; we have planted “microclover”.

    Mmm, chicken shawarma! Very popular here

    Too bad the Statue of Liberty in NYC doesn’t have a CAT, as they are obviously symbols of freedom: Why the Statue of Liberty could have had a cat

    How cool would that have been!!!



    Well, winding down on a TGIF afternoon – may close li’l earlier – still waiting for Freight Line to pick up in Shipping Dept. 😉
    It’s clouding up – may get some showers but still warm/muggy day/s ahead!
    So will wish all a purrfect weekend:
    Memorial day weekend
    Wishes for a great Memorial Day Weekend – In Remembrance/Honor of Veterans.
    Memeorial Day honor vets
    Back on Tuesday…Toot toot with purrrz >^.^<



    I make my own lunches and did so when I was in corporate world, with rare exceptions as in one place has very nice salads. This way I know what I’m getting, ie ingredients that should agree with me.

    Looks like it’s going to pour out and slated to do so for wknd. I don’t care at all as Caturday plan is much-needed sleep and then more sleep.

    Good time at Knitting Circle, latest sweater has been started about 15+ times!!! Complicated open work pattern. A challenge but the fact that it will be very pretty when complete is way motivating.



    Good morning all, it is fine here, no rain(touch wood) for the first time in about a week so I spent the morning doing washing and getting it out on the line to dry, preparing a beef ragout for the slowcooker and generally tidying up outside. I have just sat down to relax and the lawn man arrives so while I will be relaxing it won’t be a quiet relax. 🙄 Lawns have to be mowed though, it’s the last of the Autumn flush on them and they should stay relatively short now for Winter.
    KZ, sigh, your Summer plantings are teasing my palate. Oh no ! ! ! Not skunk. Of course I have never smelled skunk and couldn’t imagine what it is like. Hope the smell doesn’t linger around the porch and can been washed away somehow.
    JK, love the cat hair lunch bag. I have noticed that we no longer have any cat hair on clothing or floating around.
    AV, still wet at your place, that is a long soaking you have been getting but as you say at least you have the porch and the rain shutters for somewhere nice to sit, read and admire Caddy. Thanks for the brown bag explanation, our schools don’t provide meals here or never used to, it was always a meal from home or buy a lunch through an order system set up between the school and local bakery. Now sadly many schools feel the need to provide breakfast and/or lunch for the many children coming to school hungry. Tough times and the children suffer. Checking out what a Schawarma is, sounds interesting.
    So the US has Memorial Day this weekend, Canada has Remembrance Day on Nov 11th on what we call Armistice Day, we remember that Day but don’t celebrate it. We commerate our military past and present, living and dead on Anzac Day April 25th. This year that was the day we buried Shadz. Lagatta interesting about the ‘Grdening Day”, for us the traditional day for people to begin planting Spring/Summer plants is Labour Day which is the fourth Monday in October where we celebrate the start of the eight hour working day here in NZ in 1840. Garden centres are hives of people purchasing their tomato plants and other vegetable seedling. Smart gardeners get theirs a few weeks earlier and cosset their plants indoors for a week or so. Beat the rush and get the best plants available.
    I was discussing my diet with the Dr yesterday and she was impressed that I make everything from scratch and that vegetables are a very large part of our diet and we seldom eat any processed foods. Pat on the back for me.
    KJ, I thought of you yesterday when I was checking on Mum and solving whatever problem had arisen for her. She had been knitting wee yellow ducks that were to be Easter egg cosies and still had a few left over from Easter to finish. She asked me how to cast off and she had forgotten(that comes with age). Well me and knitting go together like KJ and power tools. 😆 😆 After looking blank for a few seconds I get out my phone and search G***le for the answer and found great pics and Mum was away laughing casting off with a renewed memory. The ducks will make cute soft boiled egg cosies too.



    Great pics all – ‘packed your lumch’ is so typically cat! And cats do love big paper bags. Harry, at 16, has been enjoying one over the last few days. No pics – it’s a big bag and he gets right to the back of it.

    Australia’s memorial days are the same as for MS: a holiday and the main commemorations on Anzac Day, 25 April, with 11 November observed but not a holiday. Gardening and traditional tomato-planting day in Melbourne is the first Tuesday in November: we have a holiday for a major horse race (the Melbourne Cup).

    Chilly here this morning but it promises to be a beautiful sunny day. I’m grabbing the chance to peg out a line full of washing.



    PM, looks like we have similar weather today. Sunny but chilly. We have quite a strong wind here.
    Melbourne Cup Day, NZ comes to a stop late afternoon on that day. I am amazed that any tomatoes get planted that day. Here it’s all about work place sweepstakes on the big race and making sure you are near a TV to watch it.
    My lawns look great now they are freshly mown and with the sun shining and the washing flapping furiously the day has a positive feel to it. Also the kitchen has a wonderful aroma emerging from the slowcooker. Now if only my Lotto ticket could win a good prize tonight the day would be perfect.



    Lol , I hope you win, MS! As I recall, you’ve won quite a few hams in years past! I love the way a house smells when something is in the oven or slow cooker! I accidentally put a c in shawarma…. it’s a mideastern dish and one Son had when he was in Israel, Egypt, Turkey and other parts of that region. Many times it’s street food served in warm pita. The traditional spices he brought me were the key to the flavoring, it was yummy!

    It rained a lot today, and much much more on the way. I’m stocked up, bring it on I say!! Have a great night all!



    Memorial Day and Veterans (Armistice)Day

    That sounds like a delish dinner, AV. I can’t say I’ve ever had it…hmmm.

    That’s very funny, Lagatta. I wonder why the French didn’t put a wee kit on the Statue? 😉



    Yes, shawarma can be served in a pita, but also as a plate, with salad and other yummy things. There is a Syrian restaurant near my place that has gone all vegetarian and largely vegan; they feature “fake meat” made from some kind of mushroom. I’m not really convinced. I’ve had their falafel, which are very good, but that has always been a plant-based dish.

    I’m making chickpea flour pancakes. Easy peasy (sorry) but you have to let the batter sit for a good while.

    I guess the reason there are separate days for fallen and for all veterans is the particularly devastating Civil War in the US. Canada follows the general Commonwealth practice of making Armistice Day a day of remembrance of all veterans of wars.



    Lagatta, that is exactly how I served mine – as a plate with spicy brown rice and Israeli salad as sides. So good, I’ll probably try it with lamb or beef some other time!

    Never used chickpea flour, but that sounds interesting, I love hummus, so I’d probably like it!

    Today the storms gear up in the afternoon, and should continue for the next two days. I was out early this morning before the rain began and stocked up – I’m making sliders, ranch potatoes and cowboy beans for tonight; Tomorrow – bbq grilled chicken, fresh corn and spinach salad. Monday – probably tacos, with fresh guac and salsa ….. nothing complicated and a variety of flavorings to change things up. Son and Mr. AV are working fast and furiously on getting his house ready to move in next week – typical millenial wants everything done before he moves, but with 100+ year old homes, it’s an on-going project …. kid will learn! … Lu and Ve will think they’ve moved to a mansion after having been cooped up in Son’s room since Sept! they will love all the room and the screened porches. I’m happy for them all!

    Hope everyone is having a relaxing Caturday, later all!



    That is true about our old buildings. My bedroom closet is beyond bizarre – it has a narrow door, then it is mostly to the right of the door – with no light, obviously, an the hot-water heater at the end of it, so that was a spa for clothes moths. They ruined my best coat and other things, and no, I hadn’t put them away without cleaning them.

    I don’t think I have any now, but I always have to be watchful

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