Friday – 24/11/2017 – Whatever One's Theories Are – It's Evolution Day!

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    This is the anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s book: “On the Origin of Species” in 1859. His controversial theory turned the world upside down. And, it remains controversial to this day.



    Evolution FAIL



    Stopping in quickly–want to get my turkey in the oven. A glorious sunny day here, and will probably be 50! That feels good to me and I can crack a window or two for the cats to stick their noses out and sniff air and birds! I am moving the changing table today to a spot for the cats (idea given to me by our own ECB) and see how it works. I’ll place a bed on each level (there are 3) and they can sleep and lounge and watch the world go by in an upstairs window!



    Morning everyone! ….. a nice late sleep-in for me ….. yesterday wore me slap out, but I managed to get things to a reasonable level of clean up before I got in the jacuzzi and then passed out early. I awoke to a quiet house, Mr. AV of course up/out golfing, Abby asleep on the blanket at my feet, Caddy passed out on the top perch of her cat tree on the porch, and Mr. AV had kindly closed the door to LU/Ve’s room, so they weren’t screaming at the screen door!

    I absolutely HATE Black Friday, or for that matter, shopping in general, so H##&& would have to freeze over for me to get out in that chaos today 😉

    I’m gonna put my music app on through the house speakers and take my time unloading/reloading the dishwasher loads and taking the tables apart and putting them back. Fortunately, I have two large dining room tables – my grandmother’s, which is a large drop leaf that can be set up to sit 8 additional people, but folds up nicely and sits under a window when I don’t need it. Yesterday, I had comfortable seating for 14, as I made a T shape with grandma’s table abutting mine, which also sits 8. I didn’t even need all the extra leafs for the grandma table. Worked out nicely, and I plan to do the same thing at Hanukkah/Christmas when the whole tribe is here.

    I froze the leftover turkey, and am planning to make my traditional ‘turkey tetrazinni’ dish on Sunday and have a re-match of the cornhole olympics! …. I love long holiday weekends!



    Shopping being something that I enjoy I took advantage of today’s extraordinary sales – without having to stand in long lines. I’d realized that while I have a plethora of black boots, none of them are booties with a kewel yet comfortably high heel. Oh no! So I ordered me a pr at half-price, to be sent to a store branch, meaning free shipping!

    Dark and chilly out and the dampness does me no favours. *Sigh* So I’m getting my act together to go to Knitting Circle for a bit as Sabbath comes in early. And then a catnap is planned. We’ll see.



    Going swimming. Cya and have a happy~



    PG, the ‘ancient cat/modern cat’ cracked me up! LOL ….. so true, sometimes Abby gets so mad at me being on the computer so much, she lays across the keyboard and pushes the mouse off the desk …..

    Third load of dishes in the washer, hand washed the last few treasured pieces ….. tables back in order and floors mopped/vacuumed ….. *whew* …. time for a nap/rest! Caddy decided she wanted to sleep on top of Atuin’s pit cover (silly girl), and Abby is on the back of the couch! …. Mr. AV is tucked up in his chair watching his golf tourney (as if playing 18 this morning wasn’t enough!!) LOL …..

    Hope everyone is having a relaxing day!



    Hi all – Owl Cat is so kewel!

    Had a nice Thanksgiving; the group effort thing pulls off nicely! I do, however, have the crud. Went to mom’s only to find sister, brother, niece and hubby as well as baby Tyler, have it too! One of the perks of working for a doctor is that I can get a RX anytime, though this cold doesn’t seem that bad as of yet.

    It was a beautiful day today! Like KZ, temps got to around 50 with bright sunshine.

    Oh and Happy Black Cat Friday! Shelters use Black Friday to try to adopt out black cats, which we all know are the last to get adopted.



    Good afternoon from Saturday. It has been overcast yet very warm with a brief light sprinkle of moisture, now the sun has broken through.
    HRH is somewhere on the property catting/napping.
    Love Owl Cat, so cute.
    Sniffs the air to see if I can catch a whiff of KZ’s turkey. The cats window beds sound great. Have a wonderful weekend Thanksgiving KZ.
    AV, starting the day slowly after the mad rush of the day before is the perfect way to wind up slowly. Mr AV is so thoughtful to make sure Lu/Ve wouldn’t waken you.
    KJ< nice boots for Winter wear.
    PG, enjoy swimming. LOL at the ancient/modern cats.
    Oh no JJ, not the crud. I hope Comet, Mac,Leela and Dewey are looking after you.
    It has been a slow Saturday here, washing on the line and then I spent the rest of the morning grinding my smoked peppers into powder and now my hands smell delightfully smokey. Did a wee bit of gardening but now the sun is out I will be staying inside.



    I’m glad efurryone has a good day.

    Every time I say I’ve seen it all well, life makes a liar of me:

    I’m taking care of nephew’s cat for a couple more days. She loves to sit in the backyard esp. if there’s sun. I went out first and saw a fox in the yard and chased it away. I figured it was gone so Hypatia came out. I was playing on the phone and suddenly “MEOOOOOW” “hissss”! When I turned around she was chasing the damn fox in the yard. Yes, she, a 17 yr. wee girl, was chasing the fox around and out of the yard. If things had changed I would of have gotten in-between but she was doing such a good job that I let her finish. With her hair on back and fluffed up tail, she went to her rock, sat down and bathed herself. There has been an influx in rabbits in the area for the last 4-5 years the so the foxes around.

    There’s a pot shop a couple blocks over and as I drove by they’re quite a few people hanging around. Most had dogs but I thought that a strange place for vaccine clinic. I didn’t think anymore of it. When I went swimming, my friend told the shop was having a Black Friday Sale. A Pot shop having a Black Friday Sale?



    Wow PG, sounds like t he ‘old girl’ was living up to her name.
    Derived from Greek ‘?????? (hypatos) meaning “highest, supreme”. She was the supreme animal in your yard. She is one feisty girl. I have no doubt Aunty PG would have been out the door faster than lightning had things gone the other way because you has a FEISTY too. 🙂 Life will continue to surprise us especially when it comes to cats. Love how she settled down on her rock to put her fur back in place, a girl has standards after all.
    LOL at the pot shop having a Black Friday sale. That’s two things that have surprised you today.
    Spent the afternoon taking Mum shopping even though I would rather be resting, my legs are aching like crazy and nothing is going to dull the pain. There must be rain somewhere on it’s way. At least I got the washing done today.

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