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    A diary pays equal attention to the events of every life whether it’s someone famous, or not. The diary saves the dreams and pains while always providing solace and satisfaction. The origins are uncertain, but the thought of celebrating an ear that listens without interruption or judgment at any hour day or night seems only fitting. Kits have diaries, too!

    I’ve never had a diary. I figured if anyone ever knew what I was thinking, I would have my very own padded room furever. 😮

    We have made it to Friday!!

    Cya and have a happy~

    Vos rêves sont devenus réalité …



    Crossover pic –

    We have our general election here tomorrow to elect a new Government for the next three years. Of course there have been discussions, polls, misinformation,promises and all that goes with an election that drive the average person to distraction.
    Here is the best election related post I have seen thanks to Furry Friday.
    So funny and spot on.



    Good morning – I had a diary. Sure would be fun to read what a young me thought about back then.

    Ah, election time. May the least crooked win.

    Not sure if you guys remember Lefty, the CH kitten. I wanted to foster him but Mac can be a jerk and Lefty wouldn’t be able to run away. Anyway, he was on the local news yesterday! My hometown ACO brought him to a school where kids learned that despite his disability, he’s still a kitten who wants to play and be petted. I hope the publicity helps him find his furrever home.



    No gratitude for show of solidarity! 😆

    Good luck on the Kiwi elections. I hope you elect someone not a jerk.

    Yea for Lefty!! I do hope the publicity gets him a loving, furever home.



    I looked Lefty up on this site and found two different kittens, but neither seemed disabled. Is he missing a limb?


    The NZ thing was wonderful – happy Springtime, Austral friends!

    I’ve kept diaries but always in “serious” looking journals, not fluffy books with butterflies and rainbows. Like many teens of boomer vintage, I was very harsh with my Mother; I’d be kinder now, though I still wouldn’t bend to the expectations of conventional womanhood.

    Diaries go back a long way, but they blend into daybooks and logbooks. And nowadays, into blogs.

    Anne Frank addressed her diary as “Kitty”, while her actual black cat was named Moortje, a Dutch name for a little black cat.



    I had a diary, but didnt journal long, I actually preferred writing poetry…..
    No that I was paricularly good at it but it was something I enjoyed.

    Aww Lefty I hope he gets a great furrever home soon! Jcat is the one who knows all about the CH kitties …. its more like a neurological problem that affects their motor skills among other things.

    Hope everyone is having a great tgif!!



    Well, in checking in today, I saw that I posted in the Equinox thread thinking it was today’s cafe….oops!

    Well, I think I had a diary, but I didn’t write in it much. Not one much for writing thoughts and musings down as I had a younger sister — enuf said!

    It’s 90 degrees here right now, the same for yesterday. Seriously, I’m over it. I thought I might like to bitch slap a few people today in Walmart–I made a quick stop for a few items–and then Avery had a melt down on top of that. One clerk asked me if she was alright (I think she thought I was kidnapping her) and I said “she’s fine, she just can’t get everything she wants, when she wants it” and I think I had a smile on my face. I’m not sure, I could have been smirking because I think my teeth were clenched. Oh well, it’s Friday and I’m in the A/C and all’s good at the moment! 😆

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